Chocolate Pizza®

Featured on Food Network, NBC's Today Show and other major media, Chocolate Pizza Company has been the gold standard in gourmet chocolate gifts for more than a quarter century. What makes our Chocolate Pizza so unique is the quality of our chocolate - we use only the best Swiss-style chocolate - and the homemade English toffee that we make, grind and blend into the tempered chocolate before we pour it into pizza pans. The recipe for our English toffee dates back to 1919 from right here in our hometown. We make it small batches and it gives our Chocolate Pizza its signature taste. Others may imitate but no one else compares to our Chocolate Pizza (and we have the federal trademark to prove it). Enjoy!

Our Chocolate Pizzas have a 9-month shelf-life and should be stored at room temperature (below 75 deg. F). Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings are both trademarks of Chocolate Pizza Company, Inc. All rights reserved.