Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. That’s what so many of us look forward to on the holidays – especially Valentine’s Day. Sure, the holidays are about other things too, but since premium Swiss-style chocolate and silky homemade English toffee are our stock and trade, we’ll stick to the chocolate. And with the good stuff in mind, we offer you three of the best gourmet chocolate Valentine’s gift ideas that will show your loved ones just how imaginative you are when it comes to handing out Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Chocolate-Themed Gifts Baskets

One of the best Valentine chocolate box buying decisions you’ll ever make is investing in one of our Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets. While our chocolatiers appreciate the design aesthetics of a well-wrapped gift, our experts focus more on pouring their artisanal hearts and souls into the actual chocolate. Other baskets may have a lot of fancy packaging with a small number of chocolates inside, but we pride ourselves on offering chocolate-themed gift baskets where both the quality and quantity of the chocolates on display are high – assembled with the intention of satisfying even the most dedicated chocoholics.

This particular gift basket, brimming over with lovely treats, including an Avalanche Chocolate Pizza slice, chocolate-covered cookies, our to-die-for Peanut Butter Wings, Raspberry Almond Rush and more, serves up a cornucopia of chocolate confections. Get your hands on some of these melt-in-your-mouth Valentine’s day chocolates this year, then give a basket away as a gift and hope your sweetheart is willing to share.

Superb Specialty Chocolates

That special someone in your life deserves some specialty Valentine’s Day chocolate. Let the beneficiary of your affections know how much thought you put into procuring the perfect chocolatey gift with a selection from our line of specialty chocolates, designed to feed their cravings. Choose from a wide range of unique and delicious items, including our mint, vanilla or peanut butter chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies that transport you to a creamy chocolate heaven with every bite. Or if you prefer a bit of salt mixed in with your sweetness, turn to our crispy Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips or our Chocolate-Covered Pretzels – smothered in gourmet milk or dark chocolate.

But why stop there? Keep your creative gift-giving mojo flowing with our milk or dark chocolate Almond Bark, gooey Caramel S’mores or best-selling Caramel Nut Drumsticks, which are bathed in a waterfall of fine chocolate and other goodies. The opportunities to impress your significant other with inspired chocolate gifts are many – and, most important of all, flavorful behind your wildest expectations.

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza

If you want to offer the people you cherish most the best Valentine chocolate around, they’ll undoubtedly be awed by a Chocolate Pizza. And what better way to show you care this Valentine’s Day (or any fun holiday, for that matter), than with our build-your-own Chocolate Pizza.

Every pizza pie, 10- or 12-inch in diameter, is crafted by hand with a blend of gourmet chocolate and velvety homemade English toffee. Add made-to-order toppings like (more) chocolate, candy or nuts, then complete your gift with a customized romantic message written across the pizza with our oh-so delicious white chocolate – even the words we inscribe by hand are tasty. Make your own Chocolate Pizza this Valentine’s Day to show how highly you think of them and your heartfelt bond.