Buying for guys is tough. Conventional wisdom says women are finicky when it comes to gifts but truth is men are a much trickier audience to please. So whether you are buying for your spouse, boyfriend, dad, brother, grandpa or friend, what do you get the men in your life for Christmas? You can skip any fashion ideas – the ties, sweaters, hats or gloves – they have about as much wow factor as a soggy bowl of cereal. Tools are also off the list, “Oh, look honey, it’s the ratchet set I’ve always wanted …” – I don’t think so.  So, what’s a girl to do? The answer is, chocolate. Yes, guys love chocolate almost as much as you do. But not just any chocolate – guys like good chocolate, not the cheap stuff that comes at the checkout aisle of the grocery store. Here’s 3 reasons why men love Chocolate Pizza as a holiday gift:

Reason #1:          Chocolate Pizza brings the wow factor. What is the wow factor you ask? It’s the gift that is unexpected, isn’t ordinary and delivers an exceptional experience. Chocolate Pizza hits all those notes. Setting a gift-wrapped Chocolate Pizza under the tree immediately garners attention. The size of the package is enough to draw his focus … this clearly isn’t a pair of socks … so tearing into the wrapping paper to reveal a pizza box piques the curiosity immediately. No one expects to find a present in a pizza box so check off the “unexpected” criteria.

Opening the pizza box up reveals something way out of ordinary. There is nothing like a Chocolate Pizza with its gourmet chocolate and toppings staring back at him and saying, “Yes, she got you the good stuff!” What comes through in one glance is that this is unique, this was handmade, it didn’t come from a factory overseas, it was made right here in America. Guys like that.

men love chocolate

As far as providing an exceptional experience, well that comes with one bite. Unsealing the Chocolate Pizza from the cellophane releases that incredible aroma of fine chocolate. Dark or milk chocolate, they both have an unmistakable appeal to all our senses. It’s beautiful to look at because it was handcrafted, it’s wonderful to smell because it’s gourmet chocolate and one bite tells you the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture is an experience to be savored. That’s “wow factor.”

Reason # 2:         You can serve it with Wings! That’s right, one of guy’s staple foods is, “pizza & wings.” It’s a slam-dunk favorite that guys grow up on. So, imagine the sheer joy of opening a present and finding not only Chocolate Pizza but also the famed Peanut Butter Wings! Known far and wide for their uncanny taste these insanely delicious treats are rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in chocolate. Are you kidding me?! A box of these sitting next to a box of Chocolate Pizza and your guy just landed in culinary Nirvana.

wings dark chips

Reason # 3:         He can share them with you. Now that’s a sweet touch. For all the tough-guy exterior, he still likes to share and what better way to curry your favor than offer to share his chocolate treasures with you. If you’re not nearby, he can share them with family and friends and still be that holiday hero who lets everyone have a taste. After all, you know everyone is salivating at the possibility of having a piece of Chocolate Pizza and a Peanut Butter Wing so why not let him have his moment and share a gift with the crew.

Your shopping conundrum is solved. No longer will you walk the halls of the mall aimlessly searching like a zombie for the right gift for men on your list. No, you have the answer right in front of you, just a few clicks away – Chocolate Pizza (and Peanut Butter Wings). So what are you waiting for? Chocolate Pizza Company is the only chocolatier in the country with a federal trademark for “Chocolate Pizza” – we earned it because we are unique, delicious and impressive. We’ve been making Chocolate Pizza for nearly 3 decades and our chocolate has been enjoyed by A-list celebrities, music legends, Hall of Famers, top political and business leaders and legions of chocolate fans on 6 continents. Don’t settle for anything less than the premier maker of this remarkable gift idea. Your shopping worries for the men on your list are over – chocolate is the answer and Chocolate Pizza Company has you covered.