Birthday present shopping is so challenging. What to get? What to say? When to buy it? How much to spend? It’s enough to set your head spinning. Birthdays are big occasions. Everyone has one and as a culture we learn from a young age that birthdays equal celebrations and more than likely a birthday present. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on birthdays with 35% of gift-buyers spending between $41-$100 for a birthday present. Even more interesting is when we shop for birthdays. A 2016 online survey by Quick Surveys found that 53% of people buy a birthday present one week before the date and another 20% buy it one month prior. Nearly 1 in 10 will buy that gift on the day of the birthday.

But whenever you buy that birthday present, you want it to convey a very special sentiment which is why personalizing a gift is important. Chocolate Pizza Company understands that focus and has a Chocolate Pizza that you design and that says what you want it to say. It’s called, Build Your Own, and it is exactly that – you choose the flavor, the size, the toppings and the message – it’s customized to your liking. Your words, our chocolate – there isn’t a better combination for any occasion.

your message our chocolate

Here’s why our chocolate matters. We use the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate available. Swiss-style means it has a higher milk concentration and slightly sweeter but what turns it into a mouth-watering experience is the careful tempering process. Our chocolatiers manipulate the temperature during melting to temper the chocolate, changing the physical properties of the chocolate in a way that adds strength (you hear a crisp snap when it breaks), shine and of course a velvety melt-in-your-mouth texture. In milk or dark chocolate, there is no substitute for tempering. It separates gourmet chocolate from ordinary (compound) chocolate like you find in a candy aisle of the grocery store. It’s a difference you can taste.

Our chocolatiers script your message in white chocolate. You can be as creative as you like. Maybe it is as simple as, “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart” or something more unique, “Sending Love and Chocolate on your Birthday”. There’s the whimsical, “I Love You More than Pizza” or “I Hope You Share!” We have seen some funny wishes, serious ones and even crazy but every message meant something special to the people sending and receiving a custom Chocolate Pizza. It was the personal touch that made the difference.

happy birthday

Chocolate Pizza Company is Central New York’s largest chocolate maker and a nationally known brand for this unique chocolate specialty. Featured on CNBC, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, CMT and in People, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company has chocolate pizza fans on continents. With more than 100 chocolate specialties, Chocolate Pizza and the famous Peanut Butter Wings make ideal gift choices for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings and more. Owner, Ryan Novak, started with the company as a dishwasher when he was 15 years-old and bought the business in 2010 when he turned 21. Since then, it has grown dramatically and become an emerging national brand.