As much fun as it is to count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar, you may find it challenging to find the perfect one. Instead of wasting time and money searching for just the right calendar, why not create a DIY advent calendar? When you design, construct and fill your own, you can give a meaningful gift to a friend or make memories with your family. Here are tips for crafting a DIY advent calendar to fill with delicious, sweet treats from Chocolate Pizza Company.

red and gold advent calendar

One a Day

Before you get started, decide the size and materials you want to use. You may want something bigger than a small felt pocket or paper envelope so there’s room for such goodies as a Chocolate Pizza Slice or Caramel Nut Drumsticks. Consider upcycling clean cans, wooden boxes or drawers to hold each day’s treats.

Chocolate pizza slices with Christmas themed sprinkled

Holiday Colors

Once you’ve gathered your containers, it’s time to get in touch with your artistic side. Decide if you want a theme, such as snowflakes, or just a red, white and green pattern to make your advent calendar come to life. Remember to number each container.

Sweet Celebrations

After you assemble and decorate your calendar, fill each day with a special something. A sweet message, small gadget or tasty treat can help you stay in the holiday spirit. May we recommend a selection of stocking stuffers from Chocolate Pizza Company? Our small confections can fit perfectly in your DIY advent calendar without skimping on quality or flavor. It may seem like a lot of effort, but the sweet reward is worth it.

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