We grew up on chocolate candy. It was part of our childhood. Who doesn’t remember diving into their stocking on Christmas morning to see what chocolate candy Santa had left there. Can you remember the pure joy of searching for your basket on Easter morning only to have your eyes light up when you find that treasure trove of chocolate candy in the shape of a bunny, cross or egg. Or how about Halloween and its forced march through the neighborhood to bring home a pillow case filled with miniature chocolate candy and snacks. We loved all things chocolate as a kid.

But then we grew up. The good news is so did our chocolate.

Chocolate Pizza Company’s gourmet chocolate specialties are everything you loved about chocolate candy as a kid – all the surprise, taste and excitement – only elevated. This is chocolate candy 2.0. It’s the next evolution of what the chocolate experience should be.

Chocolate Pizza Company is artisan chocolate – handcrafted using exceptional ingredients and infused with unmistakable creativity. The chocolate candy you devoured as a kid has become a fine chocolate that you savor. The pleasant but unremarkable taste of mass-produced chocolate candy has been replaced with chocolate creations that are unique, delicious and impressive on every level. With Chocolate Pizza Company’s chocolatiers, the art of chocolate has taken center stage with products that are special on so many levels. Chocolate has gone from being something that went with a gift to now actually being the gift.

winter gift box

Quality is the difference – quality of content, quality of presentation, quality of experience – with artisan chocolate like Chocolate Pizza Company creates there is no comparison to mass-produced snacks. We’ve gone from chocolate candy to chocolate confection.

The heart and soul of our artisan chocolate experience is our famous Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings. We are the only company in America with a federal trademark for both of those chocolate specialties, a testament to the uniqueness of what we make. Chocolate Pizza is a much sought-after gift on its own that is as appropriate for a family birthday celebration as it is as a corporate gift for the holidays. The distinctiveness of a Chocolate Pizza whether it is a classic version, seasonal favorite or a custom creation means it arrives with the impact of gourmet chocolate, not chocolate candy. Fine chocolate is universally appreciated and a top gift choice for any occasion or holiday.

holly berry and nut Chocolate Pizza  reindeer

Peanut Butter Wings are as unique as any chocolate confection and certainly as popular. They are the taste experience that leaves people speechless. Crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in rich milk or dark chocolate make for a salty-sweet masterpiece that has been our best-selling individual product for decades. Again, artisan chocolate is at work as Peanut Butter Wings are handmade – every chip is picked up and smothered in peanut butter before going under a chocolate curtain. These are not mass-produced, they are a labor of love.

But not to be lost in all of the featured gift-ready chocolate confections is a host of fun chocolates that deliver incredible taste. These are holiday treats on another level. It could be our hand-decorated Reindeer Slice, the snowman stacked cookies of a Snow Buddy, a Holiday Peanut Butter Sparkler or a mini Chocolate Pizza topped with crushed candy cane. Chocolate Pizza Company’s variety is endless but what is consistent is the quality. There are no compromises in this line-up.

You loved chocolate candy as a kid but now you want something more out of that chocolate experience. Aren’t you glad Chocolate Pizza Company understands. Chocolate candy has grown up – thank goodness.