Chocolate for mom is guaranteed to be what she wants most this Mother’s Day – after you give her a call. Moms do so much for us that finding unique ways to tell them how special they are in our lives is sometimes tricky. But not with Chocolate Pizza Company – we have chocolate for mom covered!

According to Hallmark, Mother’s Day is the 3rd most popular card-sending holiday behind Christmas and Valentines with approximately 130 million cards. Worldwide, Mother’s Day is the top card-sending holiday in the Hispanic community. In the United States, about 85% of adult men and women celebrate Mother’s Day and it is second only to Christmas as the top gift-giving holiday each year.

There is no doubt, we celebrate mom. But what can we do to show mom how much we appreciate her? How do we make the day special?

For a lot of people, celebrating Mother’s Day starts with a phone call to mom if the miles are too many between us. If the distance is manageable, Mother’s Day is often about hopping in the car and spending the second Sunday in May sitting around the table in mom’s kitchen laughing and telling stories. More than anything else, time is the one gift that always carries the most joy for mom’s everywhere.

At Chocolate Pizza Company, we think that chocolate for mom is the perfect way to add something special to her day. Whether you carry one of our hand-decorated Chocolate Pizzas through the door when you visit mom or you send one of our beautiful gift baskets through the mail to surprise her, our gourmet chocolate specialties are sure to bring a smile to mom’s face. It’s about treating mom to that unique something that she loves (gourmet chocolate) but that you know she rarely splurges on herself to enjoy. So splurge for her!

Each of our delicious chocolate treats is handcrafted and unique. No two are ever the same. We like to think that it’s that “hand-made in America” aspect of our chocolate that gives it a little extra something. Your mom is one-of-a-kind so shouldn’t chocolate for mom embrace that same uniqueness?

That’s the beauty of a small, family-owned, American business – we don’t mass produce anything – we create every piece of chocolate we sell so it’s fresh, delicious and special. We don’t warehouse our chocolate for a year or more before it hits the shelves; we don’t float it in on a boat from distant shores; we don’t crank out tens of thousands of pieces in a day … we love what we do and it shows in the way our product looks, tastes and satisfies customer after customer.

Mother’s Day is coming soon so don’t forget to call your mom or better yet go see your mom and tell her how special she is and how much you love her. And if you want a little something to underscore the message, check out Chocolate Pizza Company’s line-up of gourmet chocolate specialties that remind mom she’s as sweet and unique as her gift. Chances are good she’ll love every bite!