Chocolate pizza that says Happy Holidays

Chocolate lovers from New York to New Mexico, California to Maine and Florida to Oregon are in for a treat. That is, of course, if you send your chocolate-loving friends a unique chocolate gift from Chocolate Pizza Company. Here are three reasons why chocolate is a great gift to send to anyone in the nation.

  1. Pick from a Unique Chocolate Gift Selection

    The foremost reason to send chocolate to chocolate lovers is obvious. Because they love chocolate! They’re likely to love it even more when they see your choice from the unique chocolate gifts in our collection.

    • Chocolate Pizza: The base of this delectable treat combines Swiss-style gourmet chocolate blended with homemade English toffee. Different Chocolate Pizzas feature different toppings, which range from chocolate candies to peanut butter cups. Go for a standard message hand-scripted in white chocolate across the top, or come up with a personalized greeting of your choice. Our Pizzas are served in a custom pizza box, ready for opening and snacking.
    • Chocolate Pizza and Sides: Just like traditional pizza deliveries, you can get your Chocolate Pizza delivered with tantalizing sides. Like Peanut Butter Wings, the snack so unique that we had it trademarked! Our version of wings come from rippled potato chips slathered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in dark or milk gourmet chocolate. Order Peanut Butter Wings solo or in a Pizza combo. Other options, like Caramel Nut Drumsticks, are also available.
    • Gourmet Chocolate Christmas Gift Baskets: If Chocolate Pizzas and Peanut Butter Wings weren’t amazing enough, you can also select from our wide range of gourmet chocolate gift baskets. Choices range from the straightforward and simple to the decadently elaborate, with options to suit any mood, personality and taste.

      Holiday themed chocolate pizza and chocolate peanut butter wings combo

  2. No Travel Restrictions

    Chocolate has no travel restrictions, which means it can be sent anywhere in the U.S. While there are no shipping constraints, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind, like the fact that chocolate melts within minutes at temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If your chocolate lover happens to be in a warm-weather state, we pack the chocolate in an insulated box with frozen ice packs. The extra care is reflected in a higher cost of shipping, but the chocolate arrives in the same high-quality condition in which it left our facility.

    When shipping to warm-weather destinations, it’s also recommended to notify your recipient so they can retrieve it quickly. (And who wouldn’t want to do that anyway when they know a gourmet chocolate delivery is waiting for them?)

  3. Easy Online Ordering

    You don’t have to stand in line, wait for days or otherwise deal with any hassles with our chocolate deliveries. Simply go online, browse our selection of treats and select the ones you want to send. Once they’re all in your basket, click Proceed to Checkout and follow instructions to enter shipping and other info from there.

    Shipping to multiple addresses is a snap. Intuitive links guide you to help with completing an order with multiple destinations. If you have a large number of destinations or want additional assistance, you can email us at [email protected] and attach a spreadsheet or Word doc with each recipient’s name, addresses and product. We’ll handle it for you!

    With a delectable array of unique chocolate gifts, no travel restrictions and easy online ordering, sending your chocolate-loving pals something special is a piece of cake. Or should we say a slice of Chocolate Pizza pie? Browse our Christmas gift collection and place your order today.