St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebrating your Irish heritage – and finding the Irish in you that you didn’t know you had. And like many other cultures, the Irish love their chocolate. A St. Patty’s Chocolate Pizza is a great way to pay tribute to the green and gold. When you’re reveling in the holiday spirit with your family or friends, add a Chocolate Pizza to the mix to keep the good times going.

Here are three reasons why celebrating the Luck of the Irish calls for a Chocolate Pizza made of the finest gourmet chocolate:

1. It’s a Tasty, Hassle-Free Dessert

We love a traditional corned beef and cabbage or Irish stew dinner on St. Patrick’s Day as much as anyone. But after spending all afternoon preparing the meal, who has the energy to make dessert too? Lucky for you and your fellow Leprechauns, a Chocolate Pizza arrives ready for everyone to dig in. Simply order a Lucky for You Chocolate Pizza covered with chocolate candies and sugar clovers that you can plop down on the table.

A Chocolate Pizza is also a generous dessert to bring if you’ve been invited to a gathering. When you’re enjoying some laughs over a few green beverages, some Swiss-style chocolate served in a pizza box will only make the festivities livelier. Add our famous Peanut Butter Wings to kick things up a notch. We’re betting it will cast a shadow over any scones, spice cake, pudding or Irish coffee that are being served.

2. Chocolate is Great for All Ages

We admit, some St. Patrick’s Day traditions are decidedly adult-oriented. However, chocolate is something that kids can enjoy too. Everybody, whether they’re 5 or 95, is a little Irish on March 17. Chocolate Pizza lets the family celebrate together with something delicious. Both kids and adults will also get a kick out of the hand-decorated designs, bright colors and custom pizza box packaging.

If you’re looking for a treat the entire household can nibble on, get an Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza. It may have the flavor hints of the legendary Irish liqueur, but this pizza is 100% alcohol-free so the kids can snack on it too. And it’s large enough that everyone can get a piece without feeling left out.

3. You Can Send Them as Gifts

Sometimes it’s not possible to see the people you care about on St. Patrick’s Day. But with an Irish gourmet chocolate delicacy, you can let a family member or friend know you’re thinking about them. A Happy St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Pizza sends a sweet message of love and compassion to others of Irish ancestry. You can add a heartfelt gift note and bow too.

Irish Chocolate Pizza by the slice is another option for single-person gifts. Loaded slices such as the Irish Avalanche Slice have all the taste of a full-size pizza in a smaller size so they don’t have to share. We ship to six different continents using carefully wrapped packaging, insulated boxes and even ice packs if needed so your Irish chocolate arrives at their door in perfect shape.

Share a little luck this March 17 by ordering from Chocolate Pizza Company. We have many Irish-themed chocolate treats so you can give the good stuff.