Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband or boyfriend that totally breaks the mold? We all know that celebrating V-Day is extra challenging when you’ve got a guy who has everything, but we’re here to help. You want something that’s one-part indulgent, one-part personalized and one-part totally original. The answer? Any one of the Valentine’s Day gifts for him listed below (hint: there’s lots of chocolate involved, so get ready for your mouth to water).

1. A Custom Chocolate Pizza with Your Favorite Quote – Pizza plus chocolate equals bonus points for you! The original Chocolate Pizza Company Chocolate Pizza is a handcrafted, gourmet chocolate pizza pie featuring colorful candy and sugar sprinkles for even more sweetness. Select our Personalized Chocolate Pizza if you’d like to give the gift of scary-good chocolate coupled with a special, personalized message. Our chocolate pizza is made with the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate featuring English toffee mixed in, creating a distinctly delicious texture and flavor that even the most serious chocolate aficionados adore. Whether you have it adorned with a special message to your Valentine or add a sweet quote or romantic lyrics, you can count chocolate pizza as a major win this year for any guy you love.


2. A Gift Basket Filled with Gourmet Chocolate – Featuring an assortment of truly unique gourmet chocolate treats – including Peanut Butter Wings, chocolate-covered Twinkies (Moompas), Peanut Butter Sparklers and more – this amazing gift basket was put together just for the sweets-loving gentleman. Bonus: it comes packaged in a plaid tote, making it ideal for outdoorsy guys or anyone who loves plaid.





3. A Box of Milk or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Wings – Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for the boyfriend or husband who never misses the chance to snack on potato chips? We’re throwing you a (chocolate) bone with this amazing idea. Peanut Butter Wings are salty-sweet treats made of yummy rippled potato chips slathered in creamy peanut butter and then dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Choose the large milk chocolate option (16 ounces) if you’re gifting to a guy with a serious sweet tooth.

4. A Chocolate Pizza and Wings Combo – Is your mouth watering yet? That was the goal. If you can’t seem to decide between a slice of delectable chocolate pizza and a box of tasty chocolate-covered potato chips, why choose? Grab a Chocolate Pizza and Chocolate Wings combo that features all of the above, packaged together in a delightful duo, because we all know pizza is better with wings.


Making Valentine’s Day a Little Sweeter
Whether your guy is into dark chocolate, milk chocolate or something with a salty twist, you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him in our selection of gourmet chocolate treats. Since many of our dreamy candy specialties even come ready for gifting in cute boxes, there’s no easier way to earn yourself title of MVG (most valuable gifter) this V-Day!