Buying Christmas gifts for men is probably the worst chore on any lady’s holiday to-do list. Let’s face it, guys are impossible to buy for. Christmas gifts for men don’t exist at the mall because if they did you would have found it by now. Christmas gifts for men can’t be original if they come from a big box store – all ratchet sets look alike. There is just no way to surprise the man who says they don’t want anything and quite possibly means it.

That’s why you don’t buy Christmas gifts for men – you buy Christmas gifts for boys – or, more accurately, his inner boy. If you are asking yourself right now, “What do I get my guy for Christmas?” We have the answer – chocolate. Boys love chocolate. Your guy loved it as a kid, he still loves it and the better the chocolate, the more he loves it. Yep, the answer to Christmas gifts for men is a present he loved as a boy – chocolate. Plus, he might even share with you!

Here are some suggestions on picking the right chocolate gift:

“Pizza & Wings” – Say no more

combo holiday avalanche for men

What is more guy-food than “Pizza and Wings”? Doesn’t exist. The very base of the man’s food pyramid starts with those two words – “pizza” and “wings” – all other food is secondary. So armed with that insider knowledge, you can confidently browse the “Combo” page of our website to find that ultimate combination. The easy half of that Combo to choose is the “Wings” – select milk chocolate and the large size (16 oz.). Now, it gets interesting because you want to pick the Chocolate Pizza that he will devour. If you want to keep it holiday oriented, then the obvious choice is to go with the Holiday Avalanche Chocolate Pizza. Think “supreme” pizza just loaded with toppings. Milk chocolate blended with homemade toffee is the “crust” and on top he will find Twix, Snickers, Milky Way, red and green M&Ms, mini M&Ms, regular peanut butter cups, mini peanut butter cups and white chocolate drizzled over the top just because we can. The regular weighs in at an impressive 29 ounces while the large size tips the scale at an eye-popping 45 ounces. Just sit back and watch him smile like a grizzly bear hugging a honey pot.

Lumberjack Gift Basket

gift baskets for men lumberjack

This gift option seamlessly melds a more sophisticated chocolate pallet with a manly red plaid packaging that tells him, “under that tough-guy exterior is a boy who loves chocolate.” The unassuming presentation of a red plaid basket, clear over-wrap and a twine-spun tie holds a treasure trove of gourmet chocolate specialties that he will love. In the Lumberjack gift basket we’ve included Peanut Butter Wings (the large size of course), Candy Avalanche Chocolate Pizza Slice (our biggest Slice), a box of chocolate covered pretzels, a Peanut Butter Sparkler and 6 chocolate covered cookies (forget the 1 or 2 cookies, a man’s basket has a half-a-dozen). There’s nothing more comfortable than his red plaid shirt unless it’s his red plaid basket of chocolate – expect both to among his favorites.

While either the “Pizza & Wings” Combo or the Lumberjack gift basket are perfect holiday gifts for men, there are some guys that don’t quit fit those molds. These are the really tough ones on your shopping list that drive you nuts every year because they don’t want a gift, don’t need a gift and are impossibly hard to surprise. They come with a rough-and-ready exterior, usually a quietly strong personality but a smile that when it emerges can win your heart in seconds – he’s your cowboy-type, fireman maybe, outdoorsman for certain but he’s 100 percent rugged. For this guy on your list, we have just the gift.

Meet the Mansket

mansket Christmas gifts for men

It’s a man’s gift basket – we call it a Mansket. This is chocolate delivered the way Clint Eastwood would want it, the way John Wayne would welcome it – no-frills, no-fluff, totally practical and low-key. The Mansket is a Chocolate Pizza Company exclusive. We start with a plain brown paper bag instead of a basket, add newspaper instead of tissue paper, drop in Peanut Butter Wings, Avalanche Chocolate Pizza Slice, 6 chocolate covered cookies and a chocolate covered Twinkie we call a Moompa. We finish the presentation with the most symbolic of all manly icons, silver duct tape. Yep, a piece of duct tape closes the bag and acts as a “bow.” Got to love it. You just got to love it. We don’t even add a gift tag but we’ll write your gift note in black marker on the outside of the bag. This is holiday gift-giving stripped down to its most basic components – a nice gesture delivered in a supremely practical, unassuming package. It doesn’t get more primal and that makes it perfect for you know who.

Remember, gifts for men are not difficult to buy when you know the secret that beneath that handyman, do-it-yourself, run-wild-in-the-woods façade is a boy who loves chocolate and can’t get enough of it on Christmas morning.