What do you give the person on your Christmas list who has everything? It’s a frustrating, even frightening dilemma. They say they don’t want anything, but you still want to give them a Christmas present. Except, you don’t have a clue where to start. Everyone has at least one person like this on their holiday shopping list, the person who doesn’t want a Christmas present, doesn’t need a Christmas present and doesn’t even want to give you a hint at what might draw a smile from them on Christmas morning. Shopping for “Mr. (or Ms.) Impossible” is one holiday chore you dread.

Relax, Chocolate Pizza Company knows the 3 secrets for buying a Christmas present for the person who says they have everything they want. The secrets are right there in our company tagline – Unique, Delicious, Impressive. Understanding those 3 secrets will unlock the mystery of what to get for that one person who is impossible to buy for. In fact, the answer is as simple as ordering the two things that our company is known for – Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings. Don’t you feel better already! Your shopping woes are over as we reveal the 3 secrets and how Santa himself would love to find Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings under his tree.

combo holiday wreath

Secret #1:

Unique is the operative word for “Mr. (or Ms.) I-don’t-want-anything-for-Christmas” because curiosity is always in-season. What they really mean when they try to derail your Christmas gift ideas is don’t get me another predictable, ordinary or traditional present that I have a dozen of already. It’s not meant to be difficult, really, as much as it is a plea to “surprise me.” They just don’t want to say it that way because then you’ll feel the pressure is unbearable.

There is nothing more unique than Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings. Seriously, who would even be that brilliant to come up with something so off-the-wall and out-of-the-box like turning ordinary “pizza and wings” into a gourmet chocolate masterpiece. Ryan Novak, owner of, Chocolate Pizza Company, that’s who – he’s the mad scientist of sweetness that cooks up the most remarkable – and one-of-a-kind – Christmas gift. Talk about intriguing … watch “Mr. (or Ms.) Nonchalant” light up when they unwrap a pizza box. Didn’t see that coming! What on earth could be inside a pizza box that qualifies as a Christmas gift? How about handcrafted chocolate, made in America, that is as unique as it comes.

Secret #2:

Delicious is what this better be. You nailed “unique” but to really be special the taste better be incredible. Fortunately, Chocolate Pizza Company specializes in confection perfection and your gift is about to hit a home run in the World Series of delicious.

We use only the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate which means that this is no candy aisle snack or mass-produced bar. Oh no. The moment it’s in your mouth you know you are tasting chocolate in a whole new way – it’s quality you can taste. For our trademarked Chocolate Pizza, we take rich milk or dark chocolate, blend it with homemade English toffee and top it with your favorite candies or nuts. For holiday gifts, we create Chocolate Pizzas with red and green themed color combinations or hand-script holiday greetings that give each Chocolate Pizza a personal touch.

combo snowflake chocolate wings holiday tin

And if you think Chocolate Pizza is a home run, then brace yourself because our famous Peanut Butter Wings are the grand slam, walk-off game-winner of deliciousness. Crisp, rippled potato chips are covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in that same gourmet milk or dark chocolate for a salty-sweet masterpiece. It may be “Pizza & Wings” but these Wings play second fiddle to no one – they are a star from the first bite – and the closer on the requirement to deliver delicious taste to our unique Christmas gift.

Secret #3:

Impress me. The 3rd secret to buying for “Mr. (or Ms.) Impossible” is to leave them impressed. And by that, they mean impress me with the uniqueness of the gift but more importantly impress me that you actually found something for me that I can’t help but love. In their mind, they have everything they want already – it might be material abundance or it might be having special people around for the holidays or maybe it’s just the joy of the season – but whatever their definition is of having everything the fact that you still found them something they didn’t see coming leaves them impressed.

As they sit there holding the Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings you bought them as a Christmas gift, they can’t help but be impressed. And, as they open their sweet treats and begin enjoying the exceptional chocolate experience that leaves them in awe and wanting to share their new-found treasure with everyone in the room, you know from their expression that you did good. You did real good.

Another successful shopping season completed with the help of Chocolate Pizza Company. So now you know the 3 secrets to buying that Christmas gift for the person who has everything. Stride boldly into the holidays knowing you fear no one on your shopping list because the perfect gift is one bite away!