College Survival Kit should be as mandatory an item for any college student as their laptop or laundry basket. I mean what’s more important than making sure your favorite college student has all the necessary tools to excel in the halls of academia – starting with their own personal College Survival Kit. There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States and soon more than 20 million students will be making that autumn migration back to campuses nationwide. For many families, that means it’s time to pack up the cars, vans, U-hauls and who knows what else and help their child move into their dorm, apartment, fraternity, sorority or bungalow. It’s a unique time – full of joy and pride and excitement mixed with a touch of tears or a twinge of anxiety – so many emotions wrapped up into one perennial event. But don’t leave the driveway unless you’ve got at least one College Survival Kit in the vehicle – two would be preferrable – one for them and one for you!

There is nothing quite like the college experience but here’s a secret that many parents, grandparents, relatives and friends often forget as they pull away from campus leaving son or daughter standing curbside waving goodbye … as confident as those young ones may seem at the moment, they all too quickly miss you too.

Oh, yes, there is that initial surge of independence that has them boldly out and about taking in all the sights and sounds of campus – high fiving old friends and making a few new ones. But after that adrenaline subsides and the room goes quiet and they are staring up at the ceiling taking a few deep breaths it hits them – this isn’t home and home sure had its advantages.

They miss you. They won’t admit it yet but they do. And so your timing is perfect to send them a little something that says you’re thinking about them and that they are going to do great.

It’s all about timing and impact. The timing is soon after they start back to classes – after the reality of having to get up, get somewhere and do something has set in again – that’s when they are most appreciative of any good news. And there’s no better good news at that point than finding a slip in your mailbox that says, “you’ve got a package waiting for you.”

That’s where the impact comes in. That’s where Chocolate Pizza Company helps out. You see, we have this super cool tote box called, College Survival Kit, that was made for these moments. Fluffy gift baskets with over-wrap and bows would not be something many of them would want to be seen carrying up to their room but a subtle, handled-tote is just the right container for a gift packed with gourmet chocolate treats. Here’s the perfect surprise to make their day.

College Survival Kits come with our famous Peanut Butter Wings – crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in chocolate for the ultimate friend-making magnet. Then there is a slice of Chocolate Pizza with its blend of homemade English toffee and colorful candy topping. On the whimsical side of things, a Moompa greets them – hand-decorated and filled with personality, this chocolate covered Twinkie is the unheralded hero of the box. Two chocolate covered cookies complete the confectionery feast and are just the right size for popping into your backpack for that in-class snack. Rounding out the surprises is a useful key chain lanyard that makes keeping track of that meal card or dorm key a lot easier.

There’s a very good chance that sending your favorite college student a College Survival Kit will result in one more significant outcome … communication. That’s right, there is a high percentage chance that you might actually hear from your student after they receive this gift. It might be a text, it might be an email or there have even been documented cases of an actual phone call being made to say, “thank you.” What better reason to send them this surprise than the chance to actually have them call you. Amazing!

So, remember to send your favorite college student a College Survival Kit … they probably still won’t do laundry for months but at least they’ll be thinking of you as they chow down on the best tasting chocolate on campus!

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