Chocolate Christmas trees

Chocolate Treats to Leave for Santa

After a night of flying around the world, Santa will be tired of the same cookies left out with a glass of milk over and over again. Make your house stand out with a one-of-a-kind treat for Santa from Chocolate Pizza Company. We have the best chocolate Christmas treats that will impress anyone, including jolly old Saint Nick.

Chocolate-Covered Cookies

Chocolate bar on chocolate swirlIf you want to keep it classic with cookies but still offer something new, we have the perfect chocolate-covered Christmas treats. Our Cookies for Santa box comes with four cookie sandwiches drenched in gourmet chocolate. Santa will get to enjoy a variety of flavorful cookies with two vanilla creme cookies, a mint creme cookie and a peanut butter creme cookie. All four cookies are coated in rich milk chocolate and come in a cute Christmas tote that adds a decorative touch to Santa’s snack.

Our Christmas Cookies come in Santa, elf and penguin themes. You will receive two sandwich cookies with either vanilla or mint creme and both covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate. The cookies are then topped with fun sprinkles to match whatever theme you chose. For Santa, you’ll have red and white sprinkles, and the cookies will be wrapped in plastic featuring Santa’s smiling face.

Handcrafted Chocolate Pizza by the Slice

Cup full of candy canesA slice of our signature Chocolate Pizzas is a great chocolate treat for Santa. During the holidays, we have plenty of Christmas-themed pizza pies for you to choose from. For a gourmet goodie covered in festive Christmas candy, take a look at our Holiday Avalanche Slice. We mix our Swiss-style chocolate with English toffee to create a handcrafted Chocolate Pizza. We’re not done yet! Then, we top it with red and green chocolate candy, peanut butter cups, candy bar bites, Christmas sprinkles and a white chocolate drizzle. Santa will appreciate the explosion of flavors and textures in this chocolatey treat.

Our Peppermint Blizzard Chocolate Pizza Slice will have Santa looking forward to your house year after year. We blend gourmet milk or dark chocolate with crushed candy cane before topping it with a snowy blizzard of white chocolate and even more crushed candy cane. It’s a refreshingly minty sweet dessert that will help get Santa through the rest of his Christmas deliveries.

Sweet and Savory Peanut Butter Wings

Our exclusive Peanut Butter Wings are a unique and delicious snack perfect for setting out on Christmas Eve. If you’re looking for decadent dark chocolate Christmas treats, try our Dark Peanut Butter Wings. We take crisp rippled potato chips, coat them in creamy peanut butter and then dip them in gourmet dark chocolate for a truly unique and flavorful dessert. If you have a hunch that Santa is more of a milk chocolate person, we also have Milk Peanut Butter Wings.

Easy Desserts for Christmas

Now that you’ve got Santa squared away, don’t forget your friends and family this holiday season. Chocolate Pizza Company has all the desserts you need from the office Christmas party to family dinner. For those casual holiday parties, our Holiday Sparklers are a quick and easy dessert everyone will love. We cover a salted pretzel rod in creamy peanut butter and then dip it all in rich milk chocolate before adding festive sugar sprinkles and chocolate candies. They come individually wrapped, making them easy to grab and enjoy either at the party or later at home.

For your family Christmas dinner, our signature Chocolate Pizzas make a quick and easy dessert that will impress all your guests. Our Holly Berry Chocolate Pizza comes with red and green candied pecans, dried cranberries, almonds, walnuts and your choice of holiday greeting in hand-scripted white chocolate. It will make this year a Christmas to remember.