Did You Forget Dad?

If there was an award for the most forgotten holiday, then Father’s Day would win the gold. Mother’s Day gets all the attention in the family holiday sweepstakes. No one forgets Mother’s Day. But nearly everyone forgets Father’s Day. And if they don’t forget the holiday, they do the last-minute, find something in the hardware store shopping gig. Maybe dad needs a third ratchet set? Or maybe that garden hose he’s always wanted. No need to wrap it, just leave it in the plastic bag, he’ll won’t mind.

That’s just it. Dad’s never mind. It’s part of the Dad job description. Dads already know that Father’s Day isn’t a “real” holiday. Not like Mother’s Day or Columbus Day or even Ground Hog Day. No, Dads go into Father’s Day with low expectations and even those are usually dashed. Dad loves you anyways. Ironically, it isn’t that we don’t love Dad. Quite the opposite, really. We love Dad a lot – we just don’t remember to buy him a gift. But here’s a secret. Deep down, every Dad loves to get a gift on Father’s Day. They do. Dads won’t say it. And Dad certainly won’t ask for it. But it makes their day to know you remembered. And while they will smile warmly at the garden hose in a plastic bag, they would love something just a little more personal. For example, chocolate.

Dad Loves Chocolate

Dad is a chocoholic. You never knew that because he doesn’t flaunt his cocoa obsession. But he gets his chocolate. When Dad fills up the car with gas, he pops in for a chocolate bar. On his way home from work, it’s a chocolate shake at the drive-through. The chocolate cake his colleague brought to the office – gone before lunch. Oh, Dad loves his chocolate.

Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings may be Dad’s all-time favorite. What guy doesn’t love “pizza and wings?” It’s a no-brainer. Chocolate Pizza blends rich milk or dark chocolate with homemade English toffee. Poured into pizza pans, it’s topped with nuts or candies and served in a pizza box. Now that is packaging that Dad can appreciate.

But if Chocolate Pizza is cocoa royalty, then Peanut Butter Wings are king. Crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in chocolate. There isn’t a more insanely delicious treat on the planet and Dad knows it. Peanut Butter Wings are the gift he hides away so no one remembers he has them. They sit quietly behind the Fruit Loops box until Dad has the house to himself. Then, with the game on the TV, he retrieves the goodies. There will be no leftovers.

Gold Rush to the Rescue

good fathers day gifts

Chocolate Pizza Company made it easy this Father’s Day to give Dad both. The Gold Rush Chocolate Pizza is pure genius. Chocolatiers start with that blend of gourmet chocolate and English toffee. They take Peanut Butter Wings, chip by chip, and create a border around the edge of the Chocolate Pizza. “Happy Father’s Day” wishes are scripted in white chocolate and finished with a splash of gold sugar crystals. Presto! It’s “pizza and wings” in every bite. Dad just fell out of his lounger.

So, here’s an idea. Skip the trip to the hardware store this year. Instead, order Dad a gift that will truly surprise him. One that bucks the trend of forgotten Father’s Day gifts and delivers a sweet smile. Give Dad a gift that reminds him he is the gold standard of Dads. Send him a Gold Rush Chocolate Pizza and then wait for the hugs. They’re coming. Lots of them.

You can only get the Gold Rush Chocolate Pizza from Chocolate Pizza Company. For over 30 years, these chocolatiers have created gifts that are unique, delicious and impressive. Owner, Ryan Novak, started with the company as a dishwasher. It was a small-town chocolate shop then but he dreamed of owning it and growing it. Today, it is Central New York’s largest chocolate maker. Featured on Hallmark Channel, Food Network and CNBC, the company is famous for its Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings.