Need a fundraiser?

Check-out our Gourmet Chocolate Fundraising Program

“The kids really enjoyed the fundraiser and the people they asked were really excited about all your products.
We will definitely be doing this again next year. Thanks!”
Kathy B.

“They are certainly one of the BEST to work with! You won’t be disappointed. Such an excellent product too!”
Gail S

“Great company to fundraise through. So easy!”
Jessica D.

Does your school, sports team, music club, PTA, civic group, booster club or non-profit organization need a fresh, new fundraising idea? Chocolate Pizza Company now offers a brand new fundraising program that features 25 of our best-selling products including our famous Chocolate Pizza® and Peanut Butter Wings®. It is a gourmet chocolate lineup no one can match and everyone enjoys. We also added a sales incentive to the program to reward participants with prizes up to a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Please note: We approve a limited number of fundraisers a year so please contact Alyson ([email protected]) as far in advance as possible to determine if your requested dates are available. Completing a “Request for Fundraiser” form gives us information on your intended campaign but does not authorize it. Alyson coordinates all fundraiser requests and gives final approval. 

We supply the full color product brochure and order forms, there’s no minimum order, no inventory to sell-through, customers pay your group directly so there is no waiting for your money and the best part is your group keeps 40% of every sale.

Plus, now we have added the service of preparing each participant’s order so that your group’s leadership or volunteers no longer have to breakdown the product into individual orders before returning the items to your participants. When you make your pick-up at our store, it will have the product that each participant sold bagged up with their order form(s) attached so all you have to do is hand it to each participant and let them distribute to their customers. It’s a service that saves you a lot of time.

Featured on Food Network and ABC News, Chocolate Pizza Company has been creating gourmet chocolate specialties for more than 27 years in Central New York. We are a name people associate with quality and service and our team delivers the kind of hometown touch that you can’t find with other campaigns.

Large or small, we can make your fundraising efforts easy and successful. Contact Alyson today ([email protected]) about scheduling your group for a Chocolate Pizza Company Fundraiser!

“You have been so easy and great to deal with !!”  Brooke M.

“It was a BIG hit !!” Jordan L.