Get well wishes were never this sweet! Chocolate Pizza Company has the perfect surprise for anyone under the weather or recovering from surgery. These get well wishes come in a pizza box and inside waits a gourmet chocolate treat that will bring a smile to your favorite patient.

The Get Well Soon Chocolate Pizza with a candy avalanche border weighs in at an impressive 20 ounces of pure deliciousness. We start with rich milk or dark chocolate – the highest quality of Swiss-style chocolate available – and blend it with homemade English toffee that we make on-site in small batches for maximum freshness. This signature mixture is poured into real pizza pans, shaken to remove the air bubbles and then trimmed with a boatload of chocolate, peanut butter and other candy favorites. The colors pop, the flavors explode and the get well wishes are unmistakable.

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter – a naturally occurring chemical that sends signals back and forth within the brain and is linked to emotional response. Serotonin is a “mood-lifter” – a reaction that has a positive effect on the brain that essentially boosts your spirits. One of the things that releases serotonin is tryptophan and guess what food has that in abundance – chocolate! Eating chocolate also releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins help reduce stress and pain in the body and are therefore good for recovering patients.

The ideal complement to a Get Well Wishes Chocolate Pizza is our famous Peanut Butter Wings. Crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in rich milk or dark chocolate bring a masterpiece of salty-sweet taste. Glitter magazine notes, “You have not lived until you’ve tried them.” They are unique and uncommonly delicious.

Of course, Get Well Wishes can come in a chocolate gift basket as well. Chocolate Pizza Company creates beautiful, bountiful gift baskets that offer a huge variety of chocolate specialties like caramel and nut Drumsticks, Peanut Butter Sparklers, Toffee Nut Crunch, chocolate covered cookies and more. There is a selection and price point for everyone.

Featured on CNBC, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel, CMT and in Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company is making a name for itself nationwide. Owner, Ryan Novak, started with the company at the age of 15 as a dishwasher. In 2010, he was 21 years-old and a senior at Syracuse University when the chance to buy what was then a small-town chocolate shop presented itself. He jumped at it and has transformed the business into an emerging national brand. In addition to gourmet chocolate gift baskets, the company does Chocolate Pizza, Peanut Butter Wings, wedding favor, birthday chocolates and custom chocolates for business or family occasions.

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