You want your holiday gift basket to shine, to be the star of the moment, to capture not only her attention but her imagination. So why send it for Christmas Day when it gets lumped in with every other present – be original, send her holiday gift basket early! Let her enjoy every bit of the beautifully wrapped package filled with the most delicious gourmet chocolate sweets she can imagine before the sleigh-load of socks, kitchen items and bath soaps arrive.

Chocolate Gift baskets are on the top of every girl’s wish list for the holidays. She loves the pretty wrapping, the bright bow and the glimpses of gourmet treasures hidden within. Then there is the excitement of discovering all the different treats inside the gift basket – the variety makes choosing what to have first all the more fun. Chocolate Pizza Company fills every basket with mouth-watering confections that are instant winners. It could be those famous Peanut Butter Wings with their crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in milk or dark chocolate. It could be a Caramel & Nut Drumstick with its pretzel rod covered in caramel, rolled in cashews, pecans and walnuts before being smothered in chocolate and finished with a dash of sea salt. Or maybe it’s a box of English toffee nut crunch with its homemade buttery toffee that catches her eye. Chocolate Pizza Company makes dozens of gourmet chocolate specialties that will leave her swooning in chocolate bliss.

gift basket

There are even gift baskets that include our signature Chocolate Pizza. Now you’re talking holiday hero country – a gourmet chocolate gift basket with a handcrafted Chocolate Pizza – it’s a mic-drop moment in holiday gift-giving. Chocolate Pizza is rich milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee, poured into pizza pans and topped with candy and nut favorites. The seasonal varieties are incredible and add another level of “Wow” to this gift idea. So why waste it in the clutter of Christmas morning, send it early and let her enjoy the gift all the way to Christmas. It’s like having the 12 Days of Christmas in one gift. She’ll thank you every day.

The better the chocolate, the more women love it, and that’s why everything from Chocolate Pizza Company is such a hit. Our chocolatiers work Christmas magic into every seasonal sweet – hand-decorated Reindeer Slices have a personality all their own, the Avalanche Wreath Chocolate Pizza surrounds your choice of holiday greeting with a flurry of candy treats, and the Peppermint Bark Slice takes white chocolate and crushed candy canes to new taste heights.

Why make her wait for a gift this delicious? Send any of our chocolate gift baskets early and work a little holiday magic of your own!