Gourmet Chocolate Pizza & Wings Combo with Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips


What’s better than dessert pizza? A Chocolate Pizza & Wings combo from Chocolate Pizza Company!

Be the hero of any party when you show up with a gourmet Chocolate Pizza paired with milk- or dark-chocolate-covered potato chips infused with peanut butter in custom packaging.

What is Chocolate Pizza?

So unique and distinctive is our chocolate specialty, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded our company a federal trademark on, “Chocolate Pizza ®.” There’s nothing like it. For our signature product, we blend the highest quality, Swiss-style milk or dark chocolate with homemade English toffee. The toffee recipe is from our hometown of Marcellus, New York and dates to 1919. Our talented chocolatiers make the toffee on-site in small batches for maximum flavor, grind it fine and mix it with our gourmet tempered chocolate. Then they pour it into actual pizza pans and top it with a wide variety of candies or nuts to suit nearly any taste and occasion.

We have varieties for everyday celebrations and options in color schemes to fit specific holidays. We hand-decorate and customize Chocolate Pizzas for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, summer holidays and special occasions like bridal parties or anniversaries. Sealed in cellophane and served in a custom pizza box, our gourmet dessert pizzas stay fresh for nine months, so you can order ahead of time.

What Are Peanut Butter Wings?

A Chocolate Pizza and Wings pairing is a popular party staple across the country. To level up the salty-sweetness of any gathering, we created and trademarked the perfect match to our Chocolate Pizza – we call them “Peanut Butter Wings ®.” These mouth-watering confections aren’t just any old chips covered in chocolate, though. We start with crisp, rippled potato chips, slather them with creamy peanut butter, then drench them in gourmet milk or dark chocolate. The salty-sweet taste combination paired with a unique texture that contrasts crunchy vs. creamy is a surprising gourmet masterpiece that draws rave reviews from customers around the world. As Glitter Magazine reported, “You have not lived until you try these!”

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Choose Your Chocolate Pizza & Wings Adventure

No matter what your group prefers – the simplicity of smooth gourmet chocolate, an avalanche of candy varieties, all the nuts – we’ve got a dessert pizza and wings combo that’s sure to please.

Browse our Chocolate Pizza & Wings Combos to find the perfect complement to movie night, a birthday bash, the office holiday party or any occasion that deserves elevated treats.

Options include: