Halloween party food ideas inevitably lead to chocolate. Cocoa is top dog in the hunt for sweet treats with no tricks. The better the chocolate, the happier the goblins so this is no time to drop a few bags of grocery candy in a bowl. You need the good stuff.

First, you need to balance confectionary madness and genius.  Halloween party food ideas need to push the boundaries, reveal something new and fun. But you still must deliver a taste people remember. For that reason, skip the bag candy and go with a brand that is totally unexpected. I’m thinking something cool like, Chocolate Pizza.

What insanity is this? Chocolate. Pizza. Together. No way. But trust me, it works. It works perfectly.


This devilishly delicious temptation starts by blending chocolate and toffee. But this is no ordinary pair. Nay, nay. Chocolate Pizza Company brings the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate into their kitchen. Swiss chocolate typically has a higher milkfat content and is slightly sweeter than other types of chocolate. But fine chocolate needs to be tempered. Skilled chocolatiers manipulate temperature during melting to add strength, shine and a velvety mouth-feel to the chocolate. As a result, it delivers a memorable taste experience.

The toffee is legendary. In fact, this recipe dates to 1919 and is from the owner’s hometown of Marcellus, New York. Ryan Novak makes each batch himself. The stovetop bubbles with its golden concoction of sugar, butter and a few pinches of magic. Grandmother would be proud. Once cooled, Ryan grinds the toffee fine and adds it to the tempered chocolate.  Get ready, the show is about to begin.

Certainly, one of the most popular Chocolate Pizzas is “Spooky-licious.” With the chocolate and toffee blend poured into pizza pans, it’s candy time. Chocolatiers love making this Halloween favorite because the colors are crazy. But crazy works on All Hallows Eve. Green, black, orange and purple chocolate candies crowd onto this pizza. You think there is not room for one more anything and then here come the ghosts. Sugar ghosts, actually. Orange and white sugar Caspers fill every nook and cranny of Spooky-licious.

spooky licious chocolate pizza

It is a monster mash of color. Sealed in cellophane it is served in a custom pizza box. Weighing in at one full pound, there is plenty for your zombies to taste.

The Eyes Have It

Halloween party food ideas are not in short supply at Chocolate Pizza Company. If grab-and-go treats are on the menu, then order the eyeballs. Say what! Yes, “The Eyes Have It” is that ideal balance of madness and genius. Alright, maybe it does tip just a little more toward crazy but it works. Think chocolate covered peanut butter cup topped with sugar ghosts. The coup-de-gras is a bloodshot sugar eyeball peering up at your guests. Scary good eats!

peanut butter cup Halloween party food ideas

Little werewolves need a take home surprise. The Trick or Treat tote will have them howling at the moon. Pint-sized box hides full-size kid-friendly treats. The booty includes a solid chocolate jack-o-lantern, chocolate covered rice crispy square, a chocolate covered Twinkie and a chocolate covered vanilla-crème cookie. Expect your zombies to be up all night after they finish this Halloween treasure.

Chocolate Pizza Company is known nationwide. It has been featured on Hallmark Channel, CNBC, CMT and Food Network. Food Factory did an episode on them that aired internationally. Forbes magazine and People magazine have featured Ryan. Chocolate Pizza has been enjoyed by A-list celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes, rock and roll legends, top business and political leaders. Chocolate lovers on 6 continents have ordered its unique chocolate specialties. So when it comes to Halloween party food ideas, stick with a winner.