Go Gourmet or Go Home

Halloween treats for party goers must be unique, delicious and fun. Chocolate is king at Halloween so bring the best to your party table. Skip the grocery aisle sweets that are as exciting as last year’s costume. Halloween treats for party points score highest when the chocolate is grandest.

First of all, you need to find the right combination of genius and madness. Halloween is all about creative crazy so why go with boring store brands. For that reason, seek out a company whose specialty is the unexpected. Start with a cool name like, Chocolate Pizza.

When you hear the name, Chocolate Pizza Company, you just have to know more. What insanity is this? Chocolate. Pizza. Together. No way. But it works. It works big-time.

What is Chocolate Pizza? This fiendishly delicious confection starts by blending chocolate and toffee. But there is nothing ordinary here. Chocolate Pizza Company uses the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate. It has a higher milkfat content and is slightly sweeter than other kinds of chocolate. Skilled chocolatiers temper the chocolate. Tempering manipulates temperature during melting to add strength, shine and a velvety mouth-feel. As a result, it delivers a taste experience that people remember.

The toffee isn’t bad either. In fact, your grandmother would be proud. Chocolate Pizza Company makes its own toffee from scratch. The 1919 recipe is from right there in its hometown of Marcellus, New York. Owner, Ryan Novak, turns on the gas stove, puts a big stainless-steel pot on the burner and in go the ingredients. Making toffee is both tricky and dangerous – this is ultra-hot stuff. But the result is a beautiful, golden colored toffee. Ryan grinds the toffee fine and adds it to the tempered chocolate.

Now the Fun Begins

This magical mixture is so unique it’s trademarked. The company’s chocolatiers now have their base to create Halloween treats for party time.

happy Halloween

Bring the “Happy Halloween” Chocolate Pizza to the party and watch the goblins go crazy. With the chocolate and toffee blend poured into pizza pans, the decorating begins. First, the border gets made. Chocolate gems in Halloween’s best colors trim the edge of the Chocolate Pizza. Next, orange and white sugar ghosts are sprinkled atop the candy. Chocolatiers use white chocolate to script “Happy Halloween” in the center. They finish this party masterpiece with a sugar spider hanging conspicuously from one of the letters. Sealed in cellophane for freshness every Chocolate Pizza is served in a custom pizza box. Weighing in at one full pound, there is plenty for your zombies to taste.

Want to give everyone their own special Halloween treat? Your “mummy” has it covered. Chocolate Pizza Company’s Mummy Slice is spook-tacular. Made with the same blend as the “Happy Halloween” Chocolate Pizza, the slice is 6 ounces of fun. White chocolate crisscrosses the slice to give it that mummy look. A pair of sugar eyes peek out from behind the white chocolate wrappings. Handcrafted, each mummy is one-of-a-kind.

chocolate mummy slice

Not surprisingly, a company having this much fun with Halloween has the kids covered too. The Trick or Treat Tote will have your little werewolves howling at the moon. Sized just for kids, this handled tote holds a solid chocolate jack-o-lantern, chocolate covered rice crispy square, a chocolate covered Twinkie and a chocolate covered vanilla-crème cookie. The goodies here are so tasty the kids may skip trick or treating.

trick or treat tote

Chocolate Pizza Company has been featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family, CMT’s Pickler & Ben, CNBC’s On the Money. Food Network’s Food Factory did an episode on them that aired internationally. Forbes magazine and People magazine have featured Ryan. This chocolate has been enjoyed by A-list celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes, rock and roll legends, top business and political leaders. Chocolate lovers on 6 continents have ordered its unique chocolate specialties.