Halloween is a candy-lovers holiday. Chocolate Pizza Company loves this holiday for the opportunity to get even more playful with our gourmet chocolate creations.

We’ve got oodles of Halloween Treats You’ll Love, from our delightful Pumpkin Patch Gift Baskets to our colorful October Avalanche Chocolate Pizza to chocolate-covered crisp rice squares dressed up in ghostly disguise.

Find something for every chocolate lover on your Halloween list, whether you need spooky treats delivered to out-of-town ghouls or you’re entertaining a bunch of zombies at home. And don’t forget a little something special for the kids’ teachers or the neighborhood postal carrier!

For the Kids:

Even if trick-or-treat is canceled this year, give the kids a tote full of sweet surprises from Chocolate Pizza Company. The Trick or Treat Tote comes filled with a solid milk chocolate jack-o’-lantern, a smiling Moompa – aka chocolate-covered, cream-filled cake in Halloween disguise – a chocolate-covered crisp rice square and a chocolate-covered sandwich cookie. Kids of all ages will love these treats, and the reusable tote is perfect for holding all kinds of treasures.

For the Family:

Gather together around a Peanut Butter Blast Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings Combo for a family game night to remember. The salty-sweet sensation of crisp rippled potato chips slathered with peanut butter then dipped into milk or dark chocolate will fuel the wildest charades or trivia answers ever. Choose the Chocolate Pizza toppings that tempt your tribe – from candies in rich fall colors to a Peanut Butter Blast to caramels, pretzels and nuts – for a pizza and wings combo they’ll never forget.

For the Grown-Ups:

More sophisticated palates can still get in on the Halloween fun with gourmet chocolate treats that elevate candy to crave-worthy status. From the fruit-infused dark chocolate experience of Raspberry Almond Rush to the autumnal twist of our Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Chocolate Pizza, we’ve got treats that help grown-ups rediscover their inner sense of childlike wonder.

For the Entire Class:

Send a treat that’s no trick to the classroom party this year. A Spooky-licious Chocolate Pizza feeds all the little goblins with gourmet milk or dark chocolate, eerily colored chocolate candies and sugar ghosts for special effects. For sanitary treats that aren’t so spooky, a Mummy Slice is wrapped in white chocolate and individually sealed in cellophane for each little devil’s snacking.

For the Costume Party Revelers:

Keep the pirates, superheroes and pop star lookalikes happy into the witching hour with gourmet chocolate treats from Chocolate Pizza Company. Load the buffet table up with a Gourmet Chocolate Platter that includes three pounds of goodies like chocolate-covered potato chips, pretzels and cookies, alongside pieces of Avalanche Chocolate Pizza. Choose rich milk chocolate, decadent dark chocolate or an assortment, and we’ll deliver a mountain of treats wrapped in cellophane. Contact us to create a custom platter that includes the magic combination of treats for your ghoulish gang.