Chocolate Pizza Company has been making chocolate that people love for nearly 30 years but even for us 31,000 Chocolate Pizzas is a lot. Our talented chocolatiers know that making chocolate is part art, part science and part imagination which is why for decades their unique, gourmet chocolate confections have been the go-to gift for holiday shopping. There is nothing ordinary about a Christmas gift from Chocolate Pizza Company whether it is for business or family – this is something special that people remember and appreciate. And this year, thousands more are going to find out why our chocolate specialties are everyone’s gift-of-choice.

We have been making chocolate for some very famous chocolate lovers. Chocolate Pizza Company’s signature Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings have been enjoyed by music legends, A-list celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes, political leaders, business executives and most importantly by chocolate fans on 6 continents. The only continent that hasn’t ordered Chocolate Pizza is Antarctica so if you know anyone down near the South Pole give them our website.

making chocolate Chocolate Pizzas by Chocolate Pizza Company

But this month, Chocolate Pizza Company is fulfilling the largest single order by a customer in its history. We made 31,000 Chocolate Pizzas for a major retailer and are shipping them out in waves of semi-tractor trailer loads. Those 31,000 Chocolate Pizzas will land at over 200 stores in 16 states, taking a taste of Syracuse chocolate to thousands of new customers and making chocolate the go-to gift for the holidays. When it comes to holiday gift-giving, nothing is easier or more welcome than our Chocolate Pizza.

Chocolate Pizza is the perfect Christmas gift. Chocolate is one of the most loved tastes in the world and fine chocolate is a treasure that most people save for the best occasions. We use exceptional Swiss-style chocolate, tempered by skilled chocolatiers and handcrafted for a one-of-a-kind treat that is proudly made in America. As a holiday business gift, Chocolate Pizza is a great choice for staff, clients, vendors or VIPs. It can be customized with your company greeting or festive in holiday colors and decorations. You can choose from dozens of chocolate favorites or send one of many beautiful holiday gift baskets or chocolate towers.

Syracuse chocolate gift baskets

For the family shopping list, Chocolate Pizza is a home run. Delicious, fun and so unique, it arrives in a custom pizza box that immediately garners curiosity. Opening it up reveals something truly special. Chocolate Pizza & Peanut Butter Wings are a classic combo that makes finding gifts for men as easy as ordering online from And for that special lady, fine chocolate is a gift that is always appreciated (and not always shared!).

Chocolate Pizza is what we are famous for – heck, it’s in our name and we own the trademark for it – and now a lot more people are going to know about the Syracuse chocolate maker that sends 31,000 of their signature sweets all across the country this holiday. It makes a strong statement about the quality of your product and your team’s skill at making chocolate when a major retailer orders 31,000 of your namesake chocolate. It is a confidence that has been reinforced by legions of Chocolate Pizza Company fans for nearly 30 years who make our gourmet chocolate treats a family (or business) tradition.

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