When’s the last time you called your mother? We know life gets busy, but seriously, Mom deserves your attention. And we’re sure you need to step up your good-kid game because Mom called and said, “Send Chocolate!”

The only thing your mom wants more than to see your sweet face every day is a sweet treat to brighten her day. All moms deserve the best, so we put together some ideas to help you find the best gourmet gifts for Mother’s Day – and any day you want to show her how much you appreciate her love and support.

Here’s your opportunity to give her the good stuff!

Mother’s Day Is Every Day

It’s great that we set aside one day a year to honor moms. But, really, every day should be Mother’s Day if you think about all she sacrifices for others. Whether you’re gifting to the woman who raised you, the mother of your own children or the amazing moms who are your sisters, friends and coworkers, gourmet chocolate gifts from Chocolate Pizza Company sweeten any mom’s day.

Send a custom Chocolate Pizza to out-of-town moms with your own personalized message hand-scripted in white chocolate for a sweet sentiment she can share with friends or colleagues. Or better yet, show up at her home with a box of our signature Peanut Butter Wings and a Best Mom Ever Chocolate Pizza and share some laughs over a salty-sweet feast.

Appealing to Mom’s Dark Side

Remember Mom telling you to take care of your health? She’s always looking out for you, so return the favor by giving her the gift of truly gourmet chocolate. We’re talking unique chocolate gifts crafted from the highest-quality Swiss-style chocolate that Chocolate Pizza Company blends with homemade English toffee that’s finely ground to lend a subtle but distinct flavor and velvety texture. Many moms prefer the health benefits of dark chocolate over milk chocolate – not to mention its refined taste.

Our Chocolate Pizzas give you the choice of milk or dark chocolate for the base, so you can choose the type you know will make her happy. Or go for a Dark Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket that’s chock-full of rich treats she can share or keep all to herself.

Gourmet Gifts She’ll Love

First-time moms, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, step-moms – all the moms in your life deserve gourmet gifts for their selfless attitude and unconditional love. Choose from sweet chocolate snacks that show your gratitude in a pretty pink Thank You Mom Gift Box she can reuse, spring-themed Chocolate Pizza gifts with fun pastel borders or specialty gourmet chocolates that suit her personality like chocolate-covered pretzels, Raspberry Almond Rush or whimsical Caramel Nut Drumsticks. Our gift baskets feature generous portions of delicious chocolate, not a lot of fluffy packaging. And we give you lots of choices to send Mom sweet wishes of chocolate bliss, from a sophisticated Thought of You gift box for your fashion-forward mom to a fun No Frills Mansket for the mom who loves DIY projects. Whichever way you respond to Mom’s call, she’ll be so proud that you cared enough to send the good stuff!