Mother’s day gift ideas are sometimes hard to come by. What does mom want? What does she need? How can I make her day special? All good questions and all have an easy answer – take mom for a walk and then eat chocolate together. Mother’s day gift ideas were never so simple and sweet!

Forget buying mom a sweater or a pair of earrings. Skip the gift certificate to a chain restaurant. Flowers are nice but you can be more creative than that. If you get right down to it, what moms everywhere really value and want on Mother’s day is a little bit of time with those they love … and maybe a sweet treat too.

It’s one of the best Mother’s day gift ideas you will ever have and one your mom will always remember. It starts by taking her for a walk. Yes, just a simple walk. It could be in a park, or around the block or through the woods or whatever venue is available – the location doesn’t matter but the gesture does. Walks are special because it gives you and mom one-on-one time where you can take in the outdoors, breath the fresh air and share some easy conversation that flows so naturally when you are on a stroll. If you can’t actually be there with your mom, then take her on a virtual walk – call her up and both of you go outside and walk while you talk. It won’t be as fun as actually being together but you would be surprised at how welcome the experience is when you just focus on each other for a time.

When it comes to that finishing touch on Mother’s day gift ideas, chocolate is the best closer. Gourmet chocolate adds that note of elegance to the moment, that little something extra that finishes the day with a smile. Chocolate Pizza Company has been delivering Mother’s day gift ideas that are unique, delicious and impressive for about 3 decades. This is the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate available presented in fun and creative ways that remind mom just how special she is.

Mothers Day

A Mother’s Day Chocolate Pizza is certainly an instant winner. Rich milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee and trimmed in candy favorites with “Happy Mother’s Day” scripted in white chocolate and served in a custom pizza box makes an impression your mom won’t forget. Gift baskets are another in a line of great Mother’s day gift ideas. Gift baskets offer a delicious assortment of chocolate specialties that let mom enjoy her gourmet chocolate treats for long after Mother’s day. Most gift baskets include Peanut Butter Wings – crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in chocolate – and a caramel and nut Drumstick with its pretzel rod rolled in caramel with pecans, cashews and walnuts.

craving chocolate dark chocolate gift baskets

Featured on CNBC, Hallmark Channel, Food Network and in Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company and owner, Ryan Novak, bring chocolate specialties nationwide. So this Mother’s Day, take mom for a walk and finish the day with the best tasting chocolate she’ll ever have.