Empty nest syndrome exists and can affect parents and children both. When your kids head off to college, they’ll have lots of new adventures and a ton of fun (and they’ll study hard as well, hopefully) – but that doesn’t mean they’ll never miss home, where they spent all or most of their lives before flying away from the “nest.”

One of the best ways to show your grownup kids that you’re still thinking about them is with a sweet-tasting gift of handcrafted, gourmet Swiss-style chocolate blended with quality homemade English toffee. And as it just so happens, premium chocolate is our specialty. Here are some of our best gift ideas for homesick college students!

Small Gift Ideas for College Girls and Guys

Sometimes it’s enough to send a smaller chocolate-inspired gift to kids away at university, just as a little reminder to let them know how much you cherish them and that they’re always in your thoughts. While the number of chocolate-covered goodies out there is numerous, we’ve put together a list of three smaller – yet incredibly toothsome – gifts for college girls and guys that should make them extremely happy.

  • Mini Chocolate Pizza

Why not surprise your offspring away at school with one, two – or maybe four or five of our Mini Chocolate Pizzas? These bite-sized versions of our larger pizza pies are fashioned with our signature homemade English toffee, then mixed with milk or dark chocolate and can be topped off with your choice of almonds, walnuts and pecans or left plain.

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Kids away at college love to snack, whether at study or at play. Wow your college-age children with a bag of dark or milk chocolate twisty pretzels, flavored with just enough salt to imbue these American-made treats with a briny tang to accompany the luscious high-quality chocolate. These can’t-stop-at-just-one pretzels make outstanding gifts for college girls and boys who often suffer from cases of the midnight munchies.

  • Dark Peanut Butter Wings

A box of our signature Dark Peanut Butter Wings is sure to please your homesick college students. These rippled potato chips with every nook and cranny covered in gourmet dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter combine the savory zest of a salty snack with rich, chocolaty sweetness to create a salty-sweet work of edible art.

Bigger Gift Ideas for College Guys and Gals

On special occasions, when one of your kids aces a big exam or is getting ready to graduate, a slightly bigger chocolate gift of gift basket might be more appropriate. Here are two tasty presents for college guys and gals that should put a big grin on their chocolate-smeared faces.

  • College Survival Kit

If one of your little ones (even if they’re not so little anymore) needs some encouragement while away at school, lift their spirits with our playful College Survival Kit, which is one of the best gift ideas for college students you’ll stumble across. We stuff this tote box with Peanut Butter Wings, a cream-filled “Moompa” sponge cake, chocolate sandwich cookies, a hip pair of sunglasses and more. This is one survival kit that is extra delicious and stress-relieving.

  • A Chocolate Pizza Pie

Everyone knows college students love to pack their bellies full of traditional pizza pies. If you want to stir life up at the dorm – and make your kids and their friends ecstatic at the same time – why not send them a Chocolate Pizza for a change of pace? Our milk or dark Chocolate Pizza, which can be topped off with peanut butter cups, nuts, chocolate or candy, to sate all those cravings into something sweet. The result is a wild, homemade English toffee-based chocolate experience that’s one of the best gift ideas for college students around, sure to keep your children talking about their Chocolate Pizza days after they’ve gobbled it down.