Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries | In-Store Pick-up Only, Box of 6


  • This item does not ship. In-store pick-up only.
  • 6 beautifully ripe strawberries in a gift box
  • Dipped in gourmet milk or dark chocolate
  • Hand-decorated in assorted designs
  • Specify pick-up date



Bite into one of these amazing chocolate dipped strawberries and you know why you wanted a half-dozen. They are so delicious and a box of 6 means you can share them too. Six beautifully ripe strawberries are dipped in gourmet milk or dark chocolate, hand-decorated in an assorted variety and boxed up ready to give. This is an in-store pick-up item only – it does not ship. Please specify your pick up date for this order. For freshness, we recommend you pick-up your order the day of or the day before you need them.