Gift Basket Ideas for Chocolate Lovers | milk chocolate


The perfect Gift Basket for those who crave the taste of our famous Milk Chocolate this delicious assortment is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, holidays or any celebration. 

Milk Chocolate Lovers Basket contains: Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz), Chocolate Pizza Slice (plain, 5 oz), milk chocolate Nut Crunch (6 oz.), Peanut Butter Sparkler, Caramel S’more, 2 chocolate covered creme-filled cookies, caramel and nut Cluster, puffed rice and marshmallow treat.  Beautifully presented in a colorful basket with seasonal over-wrap and bows. 


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Why choose just one of our insanely delicious chocolate treats when you can enjoy lots of them. Chocolate Pizza Company is known for creating exceptional gift baskets for business or personal occasions. We offer a wonderful variety of gift basket collections, many selected around a theme, but each one beautifully presented with over-wrap and bow. Or, choose a handled tote box for a fun alternative that still delivers plenty of gourmet chocolate sweets. Chocolate Towers are as impressive as they are generous in content. Every choice is a great choice when you bring together so many of our Chocolate Pizza Company’s best tasting confections.


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