Peanut Butter Wings | potato chips, PB, dark choco, 16 oz


One pound (16 oz) of an incredibly unique treat. People can’t get enough of our famous Peanut Butter Wings. We make our world famous Peanut Butter Wings® using crisp, rippled potato chips, smothered in creamy peanut butter and then covered in our special dark chocolate. Our Peanut Butter Wings are the perfect compliment to our Chocolate Pizza® – a “Pizza & Wing Combo” that makes a fantastic gift.


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As America’s Chocolate Pizza, it was naturally incumbent on Chocolate Pizza Company to create an accompaniment worthy of our signature confection. Chocolate Pizza Company’s trademarked, Peanut Butter Wings, were the perfect answer. Crisp, rippled potato chips are covered in creamy peanut butter and then en-robed in a curtain of rich milk or dark chocolate for a taste masterpiece. Peanut butter is applied to every single “wing” by hand and placed on a conveyor for a trip through a curtain of tempered chocolate and then into the cooling tunnel. They are sealed in cellophane and dropped in 8 oz or 16 oz containers. It is not a fast process but one that ensures each “wing” is loaded with flavor and ready to “wow” your taste buds.


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