Smores or s mores or s’more, the spelling is not important when something tastes this good. In the Combo Hall of Fame, there are a few titans that history has honored as the best of the best flavor combinations. There is peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter, coffee and cocoa, lemonade and ice tea and of course, marshmallow and chocolate that millions of American families know simply as, smores.

Smores or its frequently misspelled twin s mores is as American as apple pie and baseball. The simplicity of perfection is on display in this chocolate treat. Basically, there are 3 ingredients in play – chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker. Traditionally, smores sandwich a roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers – squish down lightly and bite quickly, pulling that melted marshmallow away from your face before it sticks to every corner of that big smile. Yummy in your tummy for certain but what if you can’t roast the marshmallow – fear not, you can still send a campfire through the mail.

smores s more smore chocolate pizza

Or, at least, Chocolate Pizza Company can send that campfire to someone special. Central New York’s largest chocolate maker has created a Campfire Smores Chocolate Pizza that is a unique gift idea for birthdays or any special occasion. It starts with 16 ounces of the finest quality Swiss-style chocolate available and adds boatloads of mini marshmallows and chunks of crispy graham crackers. Finish with a drizzle of white chocolate and serve it in a custom pizza box and this party in a box arrives ready to bring back all the memories of summer smores.

Then again, if you are a Chocolate Pizza Company chocolatier, then you are always looking for ways to take a classic into uncharted territory including the beloved Campfire Smores Chocolate Pizza. The trick, add dollops of creamy caramel and up the marshmallow meter with both mini marshmallows and roasting marshmallows. With the graham cracker chunks and rich milk or dark chocolate, your new creation is a Smores Chocolate Pizza with Caramel – or as we fondly call it, Caramelicious! Served in a custom pizza box for fun, this is 20 ounces of chocolate marshmallow and caramel magic.

smore chocolate caramel

Of course, if you just have a taste for the handheld smores, then you will find Chocolate Pizza Company’s S’mores and Caramel S’mores to be a chocolate treat worthy of its summer roasting namesake. Who would have thought that just a few simple ingredients could create so much enjoyment. Chocolate Pizza Company owner, Ryan Novak, started with the company as a dishwasher when he was 15 years old. He was fascinated with all the possibilities that chocolate offered and in 2010, at the age of 21 and while still a senior at Syracuse University, he became the owner. His vision was to transform that small-town chocolate shop into an emerging national brand and judging from the company’s dramatic growth he has done just that. Featured on CNBC, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel, CMT and in Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company has captured the attention of chocolate lovers everywhere. Check out its full line of Chocolate Pizza and their famous Peanut Butter Wings at

caramel smore