Chocolate covered cookies stocking stuffers

Racking your brain for the perfect stocking stuffer ideas your kids will love? There’s no need! Take one of our ideas instead. We here at Chocolate Pizza Company compiled a batch of great stocking stuffer ideas that’ll make kids as excited about their stockings as they are about the rest of their gifts.

For the Artistic Kid

You have a ton of options for kids who love to paint, draw and otherwise showcase their creative talents. Mini sets of acrylic paints make great stocking stuffers, or you can opt for a watercolor set, marker set or colored pencils. Other art supplies can also fit the bill, such as an eraser, pencil sharpener or graphite pencils.

For the Sporty Kid

If kicking a ball or shooting a hockey puck is your kid’s idea of fun, you can pack their stocking with a batch of sporty gifts. Personalized sports socks could make an ideal gift, as could a set of colorful wrist bands. Headbands and cooling neck coverings are other fine choices that tend to get a lot of use.

For the Pensive Kid

Kids who are frequently deep in thought often like to write down those thoughts, giving you a whole slate of stocking stuffer options. A small journal is a good one, especially if it’s paired with a fancy pencil or pen set. Sets of colorful sticky notes can help capture thoughts, as can fun notecards and pads of paper.

For the Animal-Loving Kid

Since real live puppies typically don’t fit well in stockings, small stuffed animals can serve as an adorable substitute. Other options include pens, postcards, a small calendar or socks featuring an animal theme. Animal holiday ornaments are another thoughtful idea, as are animal keychains, jewelry and other accessories.

Christmas themed chocolate covered sponge cake with cream filling

For Just about Any Kid

While there may be a small percentage of kids who don’t dig chocolate, the rest of them are sure to go nuts with the stocking stuffer options from Chocolate Pizza Company. There are far too many choices to list individually, but we can give you a little taste of our top stocking stuffer picks for kids:

  • Reindeer Slice of Chocolate Pizza: This adorable Reindeer Chocolate Pizza slice features Swiss-style gourmet milk chocolate blended with homemade English toffee. The reindeer’s eyes, antlers and nose are crafted out of sugar decorations.
  • Holiday Moompa: What the heck is a Moompa? Well, it’s a chocolate-dipped, cream-filled sponge cake, and this one’s all done up for the holidays. That means it’s hand-decorated with candies to form the eyes, mouth and hair. Moompas are as cute as they are delicious!
  • Snow Buddies Stocking Stuffer: This delightful stocking stuffer is a three-pack of chocolate-dipped cookies packaged to look like a snowman. Enjoy cookies covered with milk chocolate and sprinkles, along with a fun snowman expression that gets a laugh every time.

Since kids don’t always fit a single personality trait, feel free to mix and mingle the ideas to create the perfect combination of stocking stuffer gifts for your unique children. Then top it all off with a holiday treat from Chocolate Pizza Company!