Summertime chocolate is a party favorite. When the weather warms and the barb-b-q’s heat up, family and friends gather for memorable get togethers filled with laughter, food and delicious desserts. That’s where summertime chocolate comes in! Summertime parties are the best whether it is big league celebrations like weddings, graduation, anniversaries, birthdays or just the family reunion, neighbor block party or backyard BBQ – the reason isn’t always important but the food sure is. So when the weather is warm and the lemonade is cold make sure you have a supply of summertime chocolate on hand to wow the audience and make those summertime memories even sweeter. Consider all the delicious possibilities:

Talk about ready-made dessert, our huge variety of mouth-watering Chocolate Pizzas mean that you can add a world of different taste profiles to your summer menu. Maybe it’s a classic gourmet dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee and topped with pecans, almonds and walnuts; or maybe it’s the colorful fun of milk chocolate and English toffee topped with a rainbow of chocolate candy; or, of course, there is the summertime favorite, Campfire S’more Chocolate Pizza, with rich chocolate, mini marshmallows and graham cracker chunks. Each Chocolate Pizza is served in a custom pizza box and is certain to impress your guests.

But there’s a lot more to choose from than just Chocolate Pizza. Order a tray of our crazy-good Moompas. We take America’s favorite crème-filled, golden sponge cake treats (yes, the ones your mom used to put in your lunch box), cover them in our awesome milk chocolate and then hand-decorate each one so they have a unique personality. So cute and so delicious and available in a variety of decoration themes. Perfect for birthday parties, big game celebrations or a treat for the kids at a family cookout.

For the more formal occasions, let us create handcrafted favors. There’s the classic “lace and pearls” design that is so elegant and impressive it fits right into weddings, anniversaries or showers. There’s the fun beach theme favors like the fancy flip flops, starfish, oyster pearls and sand dollars. Or how about the “tux and gown” chocolate dipped pretzel rods – the ideal “his and hers” favor, especially for weddings. From simple to exotic, our chocolatiers can take your ideas and turn them into a party favor with all the wow-factor you deserve.


Finally, there’s everyone’s favorite Chocolate Pizza Company treat … Peanut Butter Wings. Ohh yeah! Available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, these confectionary gems deliver lip-smacking good taste in every nibble. What’s better than a crisp, rippled potato chip covered in creamy peanut butter and dipped in chocolate … can’t think of anything. Bring Peanut Butter Wings as a hostess gift the next time you go to a party and watch the lady of the house quietly slip that gift into the cupboard … where it will be safe for later. No sharing this thoughtful treat!

Summertime and chocolate really do go together.