English entertainer, Jo Brand, once said, “Anything is good if it is made of chocolate!”

We couldn’t agree more and in fact Chocolate Pizza Company has found a myriad of ways to help people express themselves in chocolate.

Take for example, a prom invitation. Yes, prom – that annual high school ritual ripe with excitement, promise and … butterflies. Big, giant, flappy, tumultuous butterflies that come with every young person’s fear of that pivotal moment when you ask that special someone if they will go to prom with you. It’s the kind of pressure that requires every advantage you can muster, every edge you can find and there is no better ally in this campaign than gourmet chocolate!

That’s right, chocolate.

It doesn’t matter if the “he” is asking or the “she” is asking – everyone loves good chocolate so let the chocolate do all the talking. Order up a custom Chocolate Pizza with a colorful candy border and “Prom?” scripted in white chocolate. For fun, it comes in a pizza box but when that lucky invitee opens it up the surprise is sure to melt their heart.

Chocolate Pizza invitations for prom are running 99.99% successful because it overcomes all 3 known major obstacles to “Yes” … First, was this an invitation you’ve been planning which means I’ve been on your mind? Check – you don’t just pull one of these out of your locker so that means you planned this for awhile. Second, did you make the invitation original and fun? Check – what’s more original and fun than an invitation written in chocolate and hidden in a pizza box! Third, if I say “yes” is there something in it for me like right now? Check – you get to keep the most delicious invitation you will ever receive.

Done! Bingo! All boxes checked. Start coordinating your outfits because you’re going to prom!

Remember, don’t just sweep them off their feet when you can “sweet them off their feet.”

But creativity in chocolate doesn’t end at prom. Carry the theme of chocolate invitations further and you can find brides’ inviting their friends and family to be bridesmaids on the canvas of stunning chocolate gown. Delicate, intricate and so unique, the idea of presenting your prospective bridesmaids with an invitation that is an edible work of art just screams memorable! It sure beats a text.

Chocolate Pizza Company does a hand-decorated beaded chocolate gown that is truly impressive. You can order the gown without writing or you can add your own wording, “Bridesmaid?” or “Maid of Honor?” The sky is the limit. They also make the perfect “Thank you” gift for your bridal party with each gown scripted with the person’s name. Pass those out at the reception and watch their eyes light up!

The chocolate is superb, the craftsmanship unmistakable but it is the fact that you found something so unique and so personal that makes a Chocolate Pizza the ideal canvas to convey your message. Special occasions call for special communications … and everyone will be listening to what you say when you say it in chocolate.