A picture containing table, decorated, cake, sitting Description automatically generatedAs we all struggle to readjust to life’s new realities, a few things are becoming more and more clear. One of those things is that, no matter how much we try, it’s hard to recreate the face-to-face experience, especially at work. This is even more true for teams that spend most of their in-office days collaborating or working closely together. Sure, the conference calls help, but nothing beats being in the same room with your team.

On top of readjusting to a digital work life, your employees are likely struggling in their personal lives. Right now, many people are trying to find ways to juggle kids, careers and their health, all from home and all while worrying about their older relatives and their communities. In other words, it’s a great time to show your support and appreciation to the team members who are keeping your company going in light of the challenges of a global pandemic.

If you’re looking for an extra-special way to celebrate and thank your employees during coronavirus, partner with us at Chocolate Pizza Company and create some fantastic corporate gifts. Here are some great ways we help our customers thank their teams with more than a conference call.

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  • Throw a virtual pizza party. There’s no happy hours, no lunchtime birthday celebrations and no company cookouts on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share a meal with your team. Surprise hard-working team members with a pizza – one of our Chocolate Pizzas, perhaps? – and host a party over Zoom or Hangouts.
  • Send them gourmet chocolates. Nothing says “thank you” quite like chocolate. With Chocolate Pizza Company, you can send delicious and unique gourmet chocolate creations customized to your liking. Our Peanut Butter Wings – peanut-butter-coated, chocolate-dipped rippled potato chips – always elicit a smile among recipients. Delicious specialty chocolates, including chocolate-dipped cookies and chocolate clusters, never disappoint either.
  • Send chocolate and inspiration. For a truly unique option, say thanks to your team with our Brown Bag Lunch and Learn gift bundle, which contains four powerful, inspiring books and an array of mouthwatering, gourmet chocolates, including Peanut Butter Wings and three chocolate-covered cookies.

The Importance of Thanking Your Team

Ready to say a great, big “thank you” to your work family? Chocolate Pizza Company is ready to help. Place your order online with our easy checkout system (you can place a single order with multiple recipients and addresses) or give us a call (315-673-4098) and we’ll work on customizing a large-scale corporate gift order that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Several studies show that employees who feel recognized and appreciated are happier, more productive and more loyal to their workplace. At a time when everything feels uncertain and scary, a few small gestures can really go a long way. Chocolate Pizza Company is here to help you find unique ways to thank your employees now and in the future.

We’re also happy to help you find special ways to thank the healthcare workers and other essential workers in your community!