When it comes to Easter baskets, you’re probably used to the standards: crème eggs, chocolate bunnies, candy corn, foil-wrapped eggs, jelly beans, etc. While these traditional Easter candies are comforting, we can’t blame you if you’re looking to mix things up this year.

Here’s a hint for how to make your Easter a success: ask the Easter Bunny for a Chocolate Pizza. It’s been a well-kept secret that the Easter Bunny is a big fan of Chocolate Pizza – but now we’re getting the word out. Setting one of these gourmet chocolate creations on the dining room table, or sending one to a friend, will make this Easter the best one yet.

Here are four reasons why the Easter Bunny loves Chocolate Pizza:

1. They’re Delicious

It goes without saying that any Easter treat should be good. All Chocolate Pizzas are made using the highest-quality Swiss-style gourmet chocolate that’s been carefully tempered so it’s stronger, tastes better and has a melt-in-your-mouth feel. We then blend the chocolate with homemade English toffee that is made in small batches from a century-old recipe.

2. They Look Great

One glance at an Easter Chocolate Pizza is all you need to get your tongue salivating. The velvety chocolate is hand-decorated with pastel candy gems, peanut butter candies, sprinkles and other colorful toppings. We then pack the pizza in a custom pizza box with a window to see what’s inside. Whether you set a Chocolate Pizza out in the box or by itself, it will certainly attract attention.

3. They’re Easy to Share

A Chocolate Pizza is the perfect Easter gift for family and friends to share. Even our smallest pizza is the size of about 10 standard chocolate bars, making a springtime Chocolate Pizza a family-size or even party-size confectionary creation. They stay fresh for up to nine months when stored properly, so you’ll have plenty of time to savor the leftovers.

4. Chocolate Pizzas are Customizable

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all at Chocolate Pizza Company. With each Chocolate Pizza, you can choose between milk chocolate and dark chocolate in two sizes. You also can add our famous Peanut Butter Wings or get a custom bow added to the box too, so you’ll always end up with the perfect treat that’s just how you like it.

The Best Chocolate Pizzas

We offer three unique Easter Chocolate Pizzas that are Easter-Bunny-approved for your home or as a gift:

  • Celebrate Spring Chocolate Pizza: This cheerful Chocolate Pizza is covered from edge to edge with soft pastel chocolate candy and sugar confetti. Both the regular and large Chocolate Pizzas are an inviting way to welcome Easter at any party.
  • Happy Easter Chocolate Pizza: Sweeten your holiday with this beauty! Our candy gem and sugar confetti topping mixture forms a “candy crust”. In the center, Happy Easter is hand-written a skilled chocolatier. Like the Celebrate Spring Pizza, it’s available in regular and large sizes to suit your guests.

  • Easter Chocolate Pizza Avalanche: By far the best sweet and savory avalanche you’ll ever taste! It’s fully loaded with our “candy avalanche” of chocolate and peanut butter candies, sprinkles and confetti with a white chocolate “snow drizzle”. This is our biggest Easter Chocolate Pizza with both the regular and large sizes being a snow slide of sweetness!

Your Easter will be unlike any other when you serve a Chocolate Pizza as the main course. Give the good stuff and see why the Easter Bunny is our biggest fan!