We’re coming up on December, so it’s time to check out Chocolate Pizza Company’s abundant array of chocolate creations in our Christmas and Holiday Collection. But it’s another season too, unfortunately – cold and flu season. If someone you care about is under the weather, we can help you brighten their day with our Get Well Soon gift ideas.

Any of our scrumptiously rich chocolate treats administer a dose of cheer, as do our uniquely designed gift baskets. Below are just a few items we recommend when you’re considering sending a chocolatey greeting expressing your concern, including uplifting Get Well gift ideas after surgery. After all, chocolate is well-known for its “healing properties.”

1. Get Well Soon Chocolate Pizza – Like all the delectable Chocolate Pizza Pies – our company’s signature, trademarked item – the Get Well Soon pizza pie is created from the finest Swiss-style chocolate, milk or dark, with homemade English toffee blended in to create a taste-bud explosion. The border is decorated with chocolate candies in bright, rainbow colors, a perfect choice to lift the spirits of someone who’s feeling poorly. But you can change it up too because we can also use pecans, almonds or walnuts. Make the pizza pie even “giftier” with a bow and a personal note.

Here’s another option for sending love to a sick one. With the Chocolate Pizza, add in some of our Peanut Butter Wings – crispy, rippled potato chips dipped in peanut butter and coated with our savory milk or dark chocolate. This heavenly combination of flavors is so ridiculously delicious, it will make your friend or family member forget what sickness even is.

2. Feeling Better by the Bite / Get Well Tote – Toss the Tylenol and dump the decongestant – here’s the real medicine. Our Get Well Tote includes a Chocolate Pizza Slice, decadent Peanut Butter Wings, two chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies and a zany little Moompa. If you’re wondering about Moompas, these are cream-filled, golden sponge cake coated with chocolate and individually decorated to give each one its own funny personality. They’ll make you laugh, but not for long because you won’t be able to resist gobbling them up.

3. Choco-Meal, Kid-Inspired Treats – It’s heartbreaking to see your little one not feeling well. Bring a smile back to their face with this special gift basket for kids. Inside our bright-colored, disposable tote is an assortment of goodies which includes a Chocolate-Covered Puffed Rice and Marshmallow Treat, Moompa, Chocolate Covered vanilla cream sandwich cookie and a Chocolate-On-A-Stick. Each yummy confection is hand-decorated and like your child, one-of-a-kind.

4. Mansket / No Frills, No Fluff Gift Basket for Men with Duct Tape Bow – For the guy who thinks being sick is for sissies, but secretly wants full-power pampering, order the Mansket: a straight-up, no-flowers-or-butterflies, brown paper bag filled with all the good stuff. The Mansket includes a Candy Avalanche Chocolate Pizza Slice, Peanut Butter Wings, six chocolate-dipped cookies and a Moompa. Of course, it’s finished with a duct-tape bow (another one of the million uses for duct tape, by the way).

Your Chocolate Pizza Company gift can make all the difference to someone trying to get back on track from being ill. These get well gift basket ideas are so cheerful and delightful, they’ll remind every patient that life truly is sweet.