For many people, Easter and heavenly sweets practically go hand-in-hand. From the morning Easter basket waiting when you come downstairs to the neighborhood egg hunt, there’s always plenty of confectionary delights to go around.

Chocolate Pizza Company helps everyone indulge on Easter Sunday with unique Easter chocolates for their basket. In a grassy bed of jelly beans, foil-wrapped eggs and marshmallow peeps, our gourmet chocolate creations handmade by expert chocolatiers will rise above like springtime flowers. Here are some of our favorite Easter basket chocolate ideas that will have your little bunnies hopping with joy.

Welcome Easter with a Chocolate Pizza

Okay, so technically, our Easter Chocolate Pizzas can’t fit into a basket – unless yours is a really big one. But we bet people won’t even be paying attention to their Easter baskets when there’s a Chocolate Pizza sitting next to them. A Celebrate Spring Chocolate Pizza welcomes the season with pastel-colored candies and sugar confetti covering a rich gourmet chocolate crust. If you want to go big for the holiday, our large Easter Avalanche Chocolate Pizza is an early-spring blizzard of chocolate, peanut butter candies, sprinkles and white chocolate for the whole family. Add a box of Peanut Butter Wings that you can divide up among the individual baskets or leave on a platter to share.

Edible Art Chocolate Eggs

The arrival of Easter is always exciting. The snow is melting, flowers are starting to bloom and the air is buzzing with excitement. Our Pastel Swirls Chocolate Eggs capture these positive feelings in an edible form. The milk chocolate or dark chocolate base is covered with dancing, swirling white chocolate ribbons in pastel colors. These swirls are handmade and every single one is a unique design. Want to make a basket truly special? We also offer Custom Pastel Chocolate Eggs with a name hand-applied in white chocolate. These artistic Easter eggs are almost too good-looking to eat (almost).

A Unique Chocolate Bunny

The chocolate Easter bunny is a true classic of the holiday season. Every Easter basket should have a bunny in it – and at Chocolate Pizza Company, we’ve made this traditional favorite even more perfect. Our Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny may look like an ordinary bunny at first glance. However, your taste buds will tell the difference from the first bite. The blend of Swiss-style milk or dark chocolate and handmade English toffee results in a distinctly sweet taste, velvety texture and melt-in-your-mouth feel. Add in its cute bunny ears and bow finish, and this chocolate rabbit is truly irresistible.

A Basket of Easter Goodness                                                                                                        

Instead of taking the time to put together an Easter basket, let us do it for you. The Gourmet Easter Egg Gift Basket has a variety of goodies for a special someone. We’ve packed it with the following treats:

  • A pastel-swirled Easter egg with optional personalization
  • A box of Peanut Butter Wings
  • A solid chocolate bunny
  • A 6-ounce boxed specialty chocolate
  • A chocolate-covered rice crispy square
  • A chocolate-covered decorated cookie
  • A pair of marshmallow Peeps

All these delicacies sit in an Easter basket that’s wrapped up and finished with a bow. Every-bunny will love it!

Say hello to Easter by ordering chocolate that’s so good, we had to trademark it. Shop our entire Easter chocolate collection or learn more about why Chocolate Pizza Company is your go-to source for the ultimate Easter gourmet chocolate treats.