Wedding gifts for guests are always a challenge for any bride planning their big day. There are few occasions more special and so family and friends from far-and-wide gather for the celebration. People travel great distances, often at significant expense, to attend weddings and so buying wedding gifts for guests is a nice gesture from the newlyweds-to-be.

Wedding gifts for guests are usually placed in their hotel room and that is for good reason. Out-of-town travelers are likely to arrive at any hour of the day or night as flights are delayed, traffic is heavy or weather impacts their journey so it is impractical to assume that a busy bride or groom can be there when the guests arrive. Add in the fatigue factor of the travelers who most likely want to just check-in and collapse for a few hours before they get cleaned up and greet the happy couple and you see why having wedding gifts for guests waiting for them in their hotel room is a practical idea.

Guests like to find something special in their room – they would never say they expect it or ask for it but it makes their day to walk-in and find a surprise waiting for them. It says, “Welcome. Thank you for making the trip. Your presence is appreciated.” That means a lot to people. It really does.

But what surprise? What kind of wedding gifts for guests will capture their attention and send that message that having them there is important to the bride and groom? Chocolate is the universal answer. Everyone loves chocolate, especially fine chocolate, and it can be eaten anytime and is easily shared. Here is where Chocolate Pizza Company has you covered with a variety of wedding gifts for guests.

wedding wishes gift basket

For starters, there is the Wedding Wishes gift box. This delicious collection of chocolate specialties is beautifully presented in a premium gift box with organza bow. Inside, guests will find a pair of hand-decorated chocolate dipped pretzel rods we call, “Tux & Gown”, a hand-swirled chocolate heart, a “Lace & Pearls” decorated mini Chocolate Pizza and 2 chocolate covered cookies with sugar decorations and bow. At $24.95, Wedding Wishes is an impressive but affordable thank you gift for out-of-town guests.

If fun and the unexpected are criteria for choosing your wedding gifts for guests, then top of that list is our famous Chocolate Pizza® and Peanut Butter Wings®. What could be more unique than walking into your hotel room to find “pizza & wings” waiting for you? It is an immediate conversation piece and when they open the pizza box to find a gourmet Chocolate Pizza there is an audible gasp of joy. Choose from dozens of Chocolate Pizzas or create one with a custom welcome message. With plenty to share, a Chocolate Pizza can be nibbled on for days and makes a great treat for tired travelers. What won’t last for days though because it will be devoured are the Peanut Butter Wings. Crisp, rippled potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in milk or dark chocolate. These salty-sweet gems are a masterpiece of taste and will quickly become a favorite snack.

Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings

Featured on Hallmark Channel, CMT. Food Network, CNBC and in Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines, Chocolate Pizza Company is making a name for itself nationwide. Owner, Ryan Novak, started with the company at the age of 15 as a dishwasher. In 2010, he was 21 years-old and a senior at Syracuse University when the chance to buy what was then a small-town chocolate shop presented itself. He jumped at it and has transformed the business into an emerging national brand. In addition to fun teacher gift ideas, the company does Chocolate Pizza, Peanut Butter Wings, wedding favor, birthday chocolates and custom chocolates for business or family occasions.