Hazelnut Swirl Chocolate Pizza – that glorious combination of gourmet milk chocolate, white chocolate swirls and a distinct hazelnut flavor – is back on the menu after a several year absence!

Chocolate Pizza Company created this taste masterpiece in 2013 for the wedding of owner, Ryan and his bride, Christie. It was featured on the dessert table of their wedding reception and became an instant hit with guests. The couple took note of the enthusiastic reviews and decided to permanently add it to the company’s line-up of Chocolate Pizzas. Its popularity soared with customers who raved about the incredibly unique and smooth, almost elegant, taste along with a beautiful, handcrafted presentation of white swirls dancing through the milk chocolate. It was truly an edible work of art.

But the joy was short-lived as less than a year later Hazelnut Swirl was out of production. The reason? A worldwide shortage of hazelnuts virtually eliminated the special flavoring that we used in making the Hazelnut Swirl Chocolate Pizza.

About 70% of the world’s hazelnut supply is grown on the steep slopes of Turkey’s Black Sea coast. In March 2014, a freak hailstorm and frost hit that region and wiped out over 70% of the hazelnut crop. The result was skyrocketing hazelnut prices and a scramble to secure any available hazelnuts by huge manufacturers like the Italian giant, Ferrero, who makes Nutella spread and Ferrero Rocher candy and Cadbury whose Whole Nut Bar is a hazelnut product and a top-seller. The inventory of hazelnut flavors and oils virtually disappeared overnight.

Fast forward to today, and the hazelnut industry has rebounded and we’re able once again to get the very high quality hazelnut flavoring that gives our Hazelnut Swirl Chocolate Pizza it’s remarkable taste. Each one is done by hand, tempered milk chocolate receives just the right amount of hazelnut flavor before being poured into actual pizza pans and then a stop on the shaker-table to release any trapped air bubbles within the chocolate. Creamy white chocolate is spooned onto the pizza and then swirled throughout the pan by one of our chocolatiers. No two Hazelnut Swirl Chocolate Pizzas are ever the same and it’s that uniqueness that adds to its appeal.

It’s also what makes this Chocolate Pizza a great gift idea. What could be more special to give than a one-of-a-kind design crafted in heavenly tasting gourmet milk chocolate? It’s a guaranteed hit that will have your special someone jumping for joy.