Chocolate thank you gift basket

Even the most dedicated and hard-working employees can start to lose steam if they feel their efforts go unappreciated. Productivity can dip, and office morale can hit an all-time low. One remedy is to consistently show your team members how much you value their efforts, and this can be done with employee appreciation gifts.

With some of the biggest morale-boosting gifts on the planet, we here at the Chocolate Pizza Company whipped up a quick guide to help you choose and present just the right gifts.

Who Gets Employee Thank You Gifts

If you’re planning to present gifts to your team, make sure every team member gets one. While you’re free to select different items based on different employee personalities and preferences, you want to make sure all gifts have equal or similar value. Giving higher-value gifts to certain team members, or excluding other members completely, can only lead to resentments that are likely to linger well into the future.

How to Present the Gifts

To relay the appreciation behind the gift, make sure you present the gift in a special way. Wrap the items yourself, or opt for items that already come wrapped or packaged in decorative boxes. You can also include a personal note with each gift, reinforcing your appreciation.

Personally handing each gift to each employee adds another special touch. Don’t just leave the gifts on their desks and hope for the best. As you’re handing over the gift, you have another chance to pass along your appreciation and thanks for their work.

When to Give the Gifts

The holidays are a prime time for employee appreciation gifts, but that doesn’t have to be the only time you showcase your thanks. Regularly gifting employees throughout the year, perhaps once a quarter, can deliver a steady stream of thanks. So can gifting the team after a big win or particularly well-done projects.

What Employee Appreciation Gifts to Give

With a name like the Chocolate Pizza Company, you can probably guess what gifts we’re going to suggest. That’s right: Chocolate Pizza!

We have an entire line of luscious goodies pre-selected as corporate gifts, which are a delicious way to show employee appreciation — especially since you can include a custom message right on the Pizza.

Our gourmet chocolate gift baskets are another delectable choice. Both options are available at a variety of price points, allowing you to find employee gifts under $50, or even under $30, if you have a sizable team.

Gourmet chocolate gift basket

Of course, not every team member may be a fan of chocolate. You can stick with the food theme by presenting them with fruit baskets, granola baskets or baskets containing other goodies they may enjoy.

You can also opt for non-food employee gifts, with a host of options that include items such as:

  • Multipurpose planners or calendars
  • Personalized stationery
  • Gift certificates aligned with team members’ hobbies or interests
  • A book in their favorite genre
  • Picture frames
  • Plants
  • Subscriptions to a magazine, website or monthly club for a year
  • Donations to the employee’s favorite charity

Whatever gift you choose, remember the sentiment behind the gift is more important than the actual gift itself. So present it personally with true gratitude in your heart, thanking your team members for their hard work, dedication and being a part of your team.

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