“Just received a Chocolate Pizza Candy Avalanche from your company. We are located in Sun City West, Arizona and we are in the midst of a heat wave.( 115 degrees). So you must be congratulated on your packing and shipping process that was used to preserve the product which  arrived in perfect condition and, yes,  the chocolate is super yummy! 
Thanks for being such a great company !”
Mike R. (June 2015)

Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

Meanwhile, as winter sets in …
Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. you can ship to multiple addresses on one trip to the website. We recommend always starting by logging in or creating a new account so the addresses and information you enter is saved for future use. However, you may ship to multiple addresses as a Guest. Also, for an order with a large number of destinations, contact us by email at [email protected] and attach your recipient’s name/addresses/product (spreadsheet, Word document, etc.) – we’ll handle it for you.

In general, first place all items and quantities you want to send into your cart, then click “View Cart”. From your cart, click “Proceed to Checkout” and then click “Set Addresses”. Here you enter the first destination, click “Save Address”, followed by “Add a new shipping address” where you enter the second destination. Repeat for all addresses. When all the destination addresses are entered, you will return to the “Shipping Addresses” page where each item in your cart is listed and adjacent to that item is a pull-down menu of the addresses you entered. Select the destination address for each product and when all items have been assigned a destination, click “Save Addresses and Continue”. Enter your “Billing Details” and scroll down to select a shipping method from the pull-down menu in each destination. You can type your gift note in the field provided for each recipient and finally enter credit card information (or PayPal) and click, “Place Order”.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, download SHIPPING TO MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS

Do you ship to our military via APO and FPO addresses?

Yes, we are proud supporters of our armed forces overseas and will gladly ship your order to an APO or FPO address. We offer a very special flat rate shipping charge of just $5 for APO and FPO addresses.

How are international shipments handled?

Shipments to Canada can be done directly on the website’s checkout process. For other international destinations, please call us. International rates are very high and regulations vary widely so speaking with us directly about your order is best.

Is my order guaranteed to be delivered on a specific date or time?

Delivery dates are estimates only. We cannot guarantee a specific date or time of delivery as these depend on the carrier’s procedures, routes, schedules and other factors outside our control. The best advice for customers desiring a package to arrive on or before a certain date is to order as far in advance as possible.

What are approximate shipping times by UPS?

The map below shows estimated UPS Ground shipping time from our Marcellus, New York location to points across the country.

Where can I customize my UPS experience?

UPS offers a special service called “UPS My Choice” that provides delivery notification, delivery planning, sign for packages online and much more. Click on the UPS logo to learn more about this service.

Why Don't You Normally Ship on Fridays During Warm Weather?

Warm weather presents obvious challenges for shipping chocolate. Chocolate Pizza Company uses insulated shipping boxes and ice packs to keep the chocolate cool during transit but shipping time makes a big difference. Most major carriers do not ship packages over the weekend so to avoid having an order sit idle in a hot warehouse or on a truck we normally do not ship on Fridays during the summer. Our shipping team constantly evaluates the weather all along the route and makes the best decisions possible to have it arrive in great condition.

How does warm weather impact my shipping?

We want your chocolate to arrive in the same high quality condition that it left our facility.  For that reason, we strongly recommend that you select shipping options that use ICE and a specially designed box between May and September or year-round for destinations where the daytime temperatures exceed 75 degrees.  This option costs more but it is essential to protect the chocolate from melting. We cannot be responsible for orders shipped without ice under these circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Are there options for having my order shipped during the holidays?

Absolutely! There are options on checkout for having your order shipped during different times. You can select “Ship in Early December” (delivers Dec 1-8) or “Holiday Shipping” (delivers Dec 11-19). After entering Billing Information, local customers will also see an option “Pick-up in our Marcellus store” – just note the date you would like your order ready in the “Comments” section (please allow at least 3 business days).