Halloween Chocolate

Halloween chocolate candy doesn’t have to be boring. Our talented chocolatiers make Halloween treats that are spooky good and hauntingly creative. The Mummy Slice is a case in point – rich milk chocolate is “wrapped” in white chocolate with a set of sugar eyes popping out from behind it all. Want that special gift for the kids, grandkids or big kids? There’s the Spooky-licious Chocolate Pizza with its blend of gourmet chocolate and homemade toffee topped with chocolate candies and sugar ghosts in all the crazy colors of the season. Spooky-licious also comes in a 6 oz Slice that is all treat and no trick. Speaking of which, the Trick or Treat Tote for Kids is like a party in a box. Filled with kid-friendly treats, this holiday favorite beats going door-to-door!

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