Halloween Treats | spooky sweets for trick or treat


  • Spooky sweets and chocolate treats!
  • Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz, milk chocolate)
  • Boxed chocolate classic (6 oz),2 chocolate covered cookies
  • Spooky-themed Chocolate Pizza slice (6 oz)
  • Moompa, solid chocolate Jack-O-Lantern, rice crispy square
  • Seasonal over-wrap & bow.



There is nothing spooky about this Halloween gift basket! Filled with a bounty of gourmet chocolate favorites decorated for Halloween it includes Chocolate Pizza “Mummy” Slice (6 oz), Peanut Butter Wings (8 oz), dark chocolate Almond Bark (6 oz), solid chocolate Jack-o-Lantern, chocolate covered creme-filled cookie with Halloween decoration, dark chocolate covered creme-filled cookie, chocolate covered rice crispy square, and a Moompa. The basket is over-wrapped in Halloween themed cellophane and finished with a bow.

There’s nothing scary about the sweet, spooky-inspired goodies in the Halloween Treats Gift Basket at Chocolate Pizza Company. This festive theme basket is a treasure trove of fun Halloween treats that are perfect for office colleagues, special clients or faraway loved ones. Show them you’re thinking of them this fall with a cornucopia of gourmet chocolate nibbles dressed up for the costume party.

One of our signature Chocolate Pizza Slices got hold of the white chocolate and disguised himself as a mummy. One of our chocolate-covered cream-filled cookies threw on a pumpkin decoration to get in the spooky spirit along with our chocolate-covered rice crispy square dotted with Halloween sprinkles and a ghost. And our inspired Moompas are really just Twinkies that like to dress up in chocolate – and maybe a witch’s hat on Halloween!

Of course, there’s a Jack-o-Lantern carved in solid dark chocolate, and the treats keep coming with a big enough bag of dark chocolate Almond Bark to share with the other little goblins. But the salty-sweet awesomeness of our Peanut Butter Wings needs no costume – they’re an instant hero at any party, even if they don’t wear a cape.

Tastefully arranged and over-wrapped in ghoulishly themed cellophane with a frightfully adorable bow, the Halloween Treats Gift Basket from Chocolate Pizza Company is the best way to give spooky chocolate thrills to all your minions this Halloween. Send one to your child’s teacher as mid-semester thank you for all they do to keep your little monster growing. Or bring one to a Halloween house party and be crowned the reigning prince of chocolate gifts.

We’ll gladly deliver a generous Halloween Treats Gift Basket filled with sinful gourmet Halloween chocolates to any of your loved ones, clients or friends. They’ll love the spooky fun of mummy and ghost chocolates that show you’re dreadfully thoughtful. Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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