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Holiday Page - Peanut Butter Wings

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Gourmet Peanut Butter Wings

Are you ready for a sweet, savory, crunchy and creamy combo? Then you definitely need our holiday gourmet Peanut Butter Wings in your life this holiday season. If you’re wondering, “What in the world are Peanut Butter Wings,” we’ll describe them. We begin with hearty, rippled potato chips. We slather them in creamy peanut butter, then dip them into your choice of our signature dark or milk chocolate. Our chocolate makes our wings so special: it’s a special blend of creamy Swiss-style chocolate blended with our special 100-year-old toffee recipe.

Gourmet Wings with a Wow Factor

We’ve dressed these specialty treats in time for the holidays, making them extra festive for your gift-giving experience. Order your wings in a festive 16-oz. tin. Or, if you’re feeling extra generous, you may opt for 1.5 lbs. of Peanut Butter Wings goodness. They’re gifts that will make your recipient say, “wow!”

Pizza and Wings: A Winning Combo

Whether you’re giving them to a friend or family member or gifting them as a Secret Santa gift in your office, they’re sure to be a big hit. And if you pair them with a gourmet holiday Chocolate Pizza, then we guarantee you’ll be recognized as a top-tier gift-giver. Psst: Our wings also make great stocking stuffers! Peanut Butter Wings are the season’s best-kept secret.

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