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We all love the luxury of browsing through delicious choices and picking out our own gourmet chocolate gift. Afterall, who knows you better than you. That is why Gift Certificates are always appreciated because no matter who receives them they always get exactly what they wanted. No more worrying about whether the person likes milk or dark chocolate, candy or nuts, peanut butter or no peanut butter, regular size or large size – with a Chocolate Pizza Company gift certificate they select the gourmet chocolate treats that they want to enjoy. Plus, there isn’t a better last-minute gift idea than a gift certificate. Whether it’s a gift for the grandkids, a pick-me-up for your college student, a co-worker’s birthday you just learned about, a holiday stocking stuffer or countless other occasions, it only takes a couple clicks to have that gift certificate in their email inbox. Gift certificates are like sending smiles – as soon as you receive one, you can’t help but smile and get excited about the gourmet chocolate choices waiting for you.

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