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Some popular Easter gifts include chocolate Easter bunnies, stuffed animals like bunnies or chicks, Easter baskets filled with chocolate treats and goodies, and Easter-themed clothing or accessories like shirts or hats.

The tradition of giving Easter gifts may have originated from the practice of giving eggs as a symbol of new life and rebirth during the spring season. Over time, the practice expanded to include other gifts and treats associated with the holiday.

The gourmet Easter chocolate and Easter candy collection at Chocolate Pizza Company levels up your holiday celebrations. Think outside the basket with a gourmet Happy Easter Chocolate Pizza, handcrafted custom chocolate eggs and more unique Easter candy options from our store. Learn more about this history of Easter baskets, then fill ‘em up with gourmet Easter chocolates and candies that are guaranteed to impress. Bonus: Our Easter candies and Chocolate Pizza pies are all Easter Bunny-approved.

A Gourmet Easter Candy Chocolate Delivery

Celebrate Easter together – even if you can’t be together. A gourmet Easter Chocolate Pizza Avalanche delivered right to their door in a custom pizza box will sweeten their day and brighten up their life. Piled high with colorful chocolate and peanut butter candies then drizzled with white chocolate, our milk or dark Chocolate Pizza pies arrive sealed in cellophane and ready to share. Choose a Celebrate Spring Chocolate Pizza for secular households or a Chocolate Cross and a Passover Chocolate Pizza for friends of faith. This is one special delivery that might put the Easter Bunny out of business!

Unique Easter Candy Gifts

Find unique chocolate Easter candy at Chocolate Pizza Company to gift to everyone on your list, including fun, customized treats. Personalized Chocolate Pastel Swirl Easter Eggs for the grandkids will thrill them. (Learn why personalized gifts are important here!) Our overflowing Bunny’s Best gourmet Easter basket is a great choice for your work team. It’s bursting with customer favorites like chocolate-covered cookies, Peanut Butter Wings, rice crispy squares and much, much more.

Show your wife or girlfriend some special attention with sophisticated Easter gifts for her dressed up in a pretty box and bow. Give teenagers a Celebrate Spring Slice of milk or dark Chocolate Pizza that we think is way cooler than jellybeans. Add a Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny, which is made with our delectable Swiss-style chocolate, to any basket to level up this year’s gourmet Easter chocolate.

Gourmet Easter Candies That Delight and Surprise

Unique Easter candy from Chocolate Pizza Company adds a delightful surprise to any spring celebration. Amp up the festivities with a box of ridiculously delicious Peanut Butter Wings – crisp rippled potato chips slathered in savory peanut butter and drenched in milk or dark chocolate. Whether you’re treating yourself to gourmet goodies or expanding the dessert table with unexpected Easter chocolates like Marshmallow Peeps dipped in our exclusive gourmet chocolate blend, all your “peeps” will appreciate your efforts.

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