Springtime Moompa | decorated chocolate dipped cream-filled sponge cake


  • Fun, delicious treat for Easter or spring celebrations
  • Milk chocolate covered cream-filled sponge cake
  • Hand-decorated so each one is unique
  • Individually wrapped in clear cellophane



The cheerful, hand-crafted smiles of our Springtime Moompas won’t be the only ones in the room when you bring these delightful treats to the party. America’s favorite cream-filled sponge cake (yes, the snack you grew up on) is drenched in delicious Swiss-style chocolate that’s as smooth as velvet for a treat that’s luxuriously silky and light. As a special treat for spring, we decorate each Springtime Moompa with pastel sprinkles, sugary toppers and a face so happy that it’s impossible to not feel joyous.

Individually wrapped in clear cellophane, every Springtime Moompa is begging to be gifted to someone special. Bring them into the office for a memorable start to the next staff meeting, or add them to an Easter basket for children who will absolutely love these silly creations. Decorated by hand, no two Springtime Moompas look exactly the same, so every one will be completely unique.

As fun as they are delicious, our Moompas are only the start of our crafty, gourmet collection. Having quickly become a national craze from our small-town origins, Chocolate Pizza Company offers an experience truly like no other with our Chocolate Pizzas, Peanut Butter Wings and other truly unique treats. Bring some Moompas and more home today to delight, impress and enjoy!

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.