Trademarks protect company products in the marketplace from imitators, knock-offs and others who would seek to capitalize on your name, brand or reputation by selling products that are so sufficiently similar in content, title or appearance that it confuses the consumer. Federal law sets very stiff penalties for companies that violate trademarks and Chocolate Pizza Company takes very seriously its responsibility to defend the trademarks it has been granted.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Chocolate Pizza Company the following federally registered trademarks:

Chocolate Pizza® Registration Number: 4599117
Peanut Butter Wings® Registration Number: 4703436
Chocolate Pizza’s Peanut Butter Sparklers® Registration Number: 4944579
The Chocolate Pizza Company® Registration Number: 4157458

The use of these trademarks for any commercial purpose by any business, person or organization without specific written consent by Chocolate Pizza Company is illegal and subjects the offending party to legal action including recovery of damages. Chocolate Pizza Company reserves the right to take all measures under the law to protect its trademarks.