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Chocolate cravings are legendary and when you’re craving chocolate, nothing else will do. If you’re searching about how to satisfy a chocolate craving, look no further than our unique gourmet chocolate treats from Chocolate Pizza Company. Our melt-in-your-mouth chocolates are all lovingly handcrafted in Marcellus, New York, with our signature Swiss-style chocolate recipe. Our unique chocolate is unlike any other chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Each batch is blended with our special English toffee recipe that’s over a century old. The result is a silky, smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Gourmet Chocolate Desserts, Treats and Snacks

Now that you know exactly how you’re going to satisfy your craving for fine quality chocolate, you can get down to the (not so serious) business of choosing how to satisfy your craving with our array of fun chocolate desserts. Not sure what you want yet? We can help you save time by giving you some good ideas for your soon-to-be-favorite snack treats.

We’ve got a wide assortment of savory and sweet combo boxes, which include fan faves like Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips and Toffee Nut Crunch. These mouth-watering goodies come in six-ounce boxes that are perfect to include in gift baskets or to give as unique Christmas gifts as stocking stuffers. They’re also perfect for simply sweetening a day at the office.

For an elevated potluck treat or to satisfy chocolate cravings, try our Raspberry Almond Rush. This delicious chocolate treat combines rich dark chocolate, whole almonds and the bright flavor of real raspberries. The surprising crunch and complex flavors delight anyone craving a chocolate and fruit combo that stands out from the usual snacks.

Mini Chocolate Pizzas, S’mores and More

Other unique chocolate options you won’t find anywhere else include Mini Chocolate Pizzas. These milk or dark chocolate treats feature accents of cranberry and orange or toppings of nuts and white chocolate. These cutie (pizza) pies add a touch of sophistication to dinner party table settings or gift baskets for any occasion.

Are you craving chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies? Good! Let’s get that craving satisfied with our chocolate-covered treats inspired by a summertime camping snack favorite. Both our S’more Treat and Caramel S’more are elegant ways to enjoy a fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between two crisp, chocolate-covered graham crackers dipped in our rich and creamy milk chocolate. It truly is the stuff of sweet dreams.

Satisfy Chocolate Cravings with Chocolate Pizza Company

From chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate-drenched toffee to our delightful cream-filled chocolate-covered sponge cakes (Moompas) and shareable boxes of Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips with Sea Salt, we’ve got great selections to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. Pair any of these tasty, sweet treats with any one of our gourmet Chocolate Pizza pies and a box of our signature Peanut Butter Wings. You’ll be the hero of any holiday party, office gathering or movie night.

Don’t ignore your chocolate cravings! Feed them right with unique gourmet treats from Chocolate Pizza Company. Savor them, devour them and share your favorite combination of these chocolate goodies with everyone.

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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