Gourmet Chocolate Covered Potato Chips | 6 oz


Gourmet chocolate covered potato chips are one of those timeless classic treats that never disappoints. There is a simplicity at work there, an uncomplicated construct of two components – crisp, rippled potato chips and gourmet milk or dark chocolate. That’s it. Nothing else. Just pure, unmistakable deliciousness in a box. Chocolate covered potato chips offer that irresistible salty-sweet combination that does a happy dance across our taste buds. Choose milk or dark chocolate, both are exceptional. The full-color gussett box comes gift-ready or equally ready for a good movie on the couch.


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Combining two of the biggest crowd-pleasers in the snack drawer, Chocolate Pizza Company’s gourmet chocolate-covered potato chips are guaranteed to delight any recipient. Featuring crisp, rippled potato chips drenched in high-quality milk or dark chocolate, these unique chocolate creations bring the ideal mix of salty and sweet, crunchy and creamy. Try yours in both milk and dark chocolate to experience the full spectrum of deliciousness.

Our chocolate-coated potato chips come in attractive 6-ounce box and can be shipped with a personalized note, making them the ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, retirements and beyond.  All of our gourmet chocolate creations are made with high-quality, Swiss-style chocolate that has a higher milk content and is sweeter with a velvety texture. Give our chocolate-covered potato chips for gifts year-round, and don’t forget to add a box for yourself!

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Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate